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Trust Funds

Trust Funds complement and support the World Bank’s operational work and help deliver enhanced support to client countries.  Trust fund resources are critical to implementing the Bank’s trade work in three ways.  First, trust fund resources are a key element in implementing the expansion of the World Bank’s trade program that President Zoellick announced in November 2007 at the Aid for Trade Global Review.  Second, trust funds provide additional resources to Regional Departments to help mainstream trade into country strategies. Third, the trust fund programs are a vehicle for helping the World Bank to deliver increased aid for trade.

Multidonor Trust Fund for Trade and Development
The Multidonor Trust Fund for Trade and Development (MDTF-TD) supports global, regional, and country level activities that help to mainstream trade into country policies. The program supports work on a wide range of trade topics, including issues such as trade policy and agreements, export competitiveness, trade facilitation, behind-the-border constraints on international trade, and distributional effects of trade and trade policy reform.  Eligible activities include technical assistance, capacity building, diagnostics, research, and project preparation. This trust fund is financed by contributions from the governments of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Global Trade and Financial Architecture
The objective of the Global Trade and Financial Architecture (GTFA) program is to identify and promote concrete policy options for reinvigorating and strengthening the multilateral economic systems and institutions that support the process of globalization. The program supports policy oriented research programs and international events which advance dialogue on global trade and financial architecture by offering concrete policy advice that can be translated into political action and reform.

Transparency and Competitiveness Trust Fund
The Transparency and Competitiveness Trust Fund aims to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of transparency in public policy by highlighting the links in a development context between transparency, regulatory reform, good governance, and competitiveness.  More specifically, the program will develop datasets and indicators, collect new data, and provide analytical tools to promote development through increased transparency, regulatory reform, and related development issues, such as technology capacity and competitiveness. A major part of this initiative will be through knowledge sharing and dissemination based on concrete examples at the national, regional, and global levels.
Work on Transparency and Trade Facilitation in the Asia Pacific region is supported by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

DFID Trust Funds
From 2001-2007, the UK’s Department for International Development supported trade research through the DFID Trade Policy Development Project (TPDP).  The TPDP played a major role in generating policy-relevant research output on the Doha Development Agenda as well as analytical outputs to help mainstream trade into country programs. 

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