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DFID Funded Output

The objectives of this project, supported financially by the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID), are to identify and analyze options for making the multilateral trading system more supportive of development, and in particular to follow up on a number of the specific recommendations made in the UN MDG taskforce report (“Trade for development”). A number of research papers generated by the project have been posted on the website of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization under the heading Global Trade Reform. Posted papers address preference erosion, the need for and design of additional aid for trade mechanisms and new approaches towards special and differential treatment. The site also includes a summary of the main policy conclusions emerging from the project: “Strengthening the Global Trade Architecture for Economic Development: An Agenda for Action.”  These papers listed below can all be downloaded from:

  • The Case for Tradable Remedies in WTO Dispute Settlement,  by Kyle Bagwell, Petros C. Mavroidis, and Robert W. Staiger, June 2005
  • Facilitating Adjustment to Trade in the WTO System,  by Chad P. Bown and Rachel McCulloch, March 2005
  • Global Antidumping Database Version 1.0,  by Chad P. Bown, August 2005
  • WTO Dispute Settlement and the Missing Developing Country Cases: Engaging the Private Sector,  by Chad P. Bown and Bernard Hoekman, May 2005
  • Financial Compensation in the WTO: Improving the Remedies of WTO Dispute Settlement
     by Marco Bronckers and Naboth van den Broek, 2005
  • Services Policy Reform and Economic Growth in Transition Economies, 1990-2004  by Felix Eschenbach and Bernard Hoekman, April 2005
  • Services Policy Reform and Commitments in Trade Agreements: An Analysis of Transition Economies  by Felix Eschenbach, August 2005
  • International Cooperation and the Reform of Public Procurement Policies  by Simon J. Evenett and Bernard Hoekman, August 2005
  • Can the WTO’s System of Governance Rise to the Challenge of Sustainable Development? by Simon J. Evenett, 2005
  • Sticking to the Rules: Quantifying the Market Access that is Potentially Protected by WTO-sanctioned Trade Retaliation by Simon J. Evenett, January 2005
  • Preference Erosion and Multilateral Trade Liberalization by Joseph Francois, Bernard Hoekman, and Miriam Manchin, July 2005
  • EU-Developing Country FTA’s: Overview and Analysis by Joseph F. Francois, Matthew McQueen, and Ganeshan Wignaraja, May 2005
  • Rags in the High Rent District: Rhetoric and Reality in the Elimination of Textile and Clothing Quotas by Joseph Francois and Julia Woerz, April 2005
  • Market Structure in Services and Market Access in Goods by Joseph Francois and Ian Wooton, June 2005
  • Trade Preferences and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries: Introduction by Bernard Hoekman and Caglar Özden, April 2005.
  • International Cooperation on Domestic Policies: Lessons from the WTO Competition Policy Debate by Bernard Hoekman and Kamal Saggi, April 2005
  • From Euro-Med Partnership to European Neighborhood: Deeper Integration à la Carte and Economic Development by Bernard Hoekman, July 2005
  • Designing North South Trade Agreements to Promote Economic Development by Bernard Hoekman, June 2005
  • Operationalizing the Concept of Policy Space in the WTO: Beyond Special and Differential Treatment by Bernard Hoekman, October 2004
  • Making the WTO More Supportive of Development: How to Help Developing Countries Integrate into the Global Trading System by Bernard Hoekman, March 2005
  • Economic Policy Responses to Preference Erosion: From Trade as Aid to Aid for Trade by Bernard Hoekman and Susan Prowse, August 2005
  • Do We Need an Undertaker for the Single Undertaking? Considering the Angles of Variable Geometry by Philip I. Levy, October 2004
  • Preferential vs. Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Evidence and Open Questions by Nuno Limão, June 2005
  • Trade Preferences to Small Developing Countries and the Welfare Costs of Lost Multilateral Liberalization by Nuno Limão and Marcelo Olarreaga, April 2005
  • Tariff Retaliation versus Financial Compensation in the Enforcement of International Trade Agreements by Nuno Limão and Kamal Saggi, July 2005
  • Preference Utilisation and Tariff Reduction in EU Imports from ACP Countries by Miriam Manchin, May 2005
  • If I don’t do it, somebody else will (or won’t): Testing Compliance of PTAs with the Multilateral Rules by Petros Mavroidis, 2005
  • AGOA and Apparel: Who Captures the Tariff Rent in the Presence of Preferential Market Access? by Marcelo Olarreaga and Caglar Özden, August 2004
  • Price Effects of Preferential Market Access: The Caribbean Basin Initiative and the Apparel Sector by Caglar Özden and Gunjan Sharma, February 2004
  • The Case for Industrial Policy: A Critical Survey by Howard Pack and Kamal Saggi, 2005
  • Can Special Trade Measures Help Development when Trade Tools are Weak and the Conditions for Development are Uncertain? by Sheila Page, May, 2005
  • Aid for Trade: Increasing Support for Trade Adjustment and Integration – A Proposal by Susan Prowse, June 2005
  • Socially Responsible Trade Integration: A Political Economy Perspective by Thierry Verdier, 2005.

Global Monitoring Reports


  1. Transparency and Trade Facilitation in the Asia Pacific - Estimating the Gains From Reform 
    (working paper), Edited by Matthias Helble, Ben Shepherd & John S. Wilson, 2007
  2. Natural Resources - Neither Curse nor Destiny
    Edited by Daniel Lederman, William F. Malloney, 2007
  3. A Handbook of International Trade in Services
    Edited by Aaditya Mattoo, Robert M. Stern, Gianni Zanini, 2007
  4. The WTO and Reciprocal Preferential Trading Agreements
    Edited by Caroline Freund, 2007
  5. The WTO and Poverty and Inequality
    Edited by L. Alan Winters, 2007
  6. Services Trade and Development: The Experience of Zambia
    Edited by Aaditya Mattoo and Lucy Payton, 2007
  7. Global Trade and Poor Nations - The Poverty Impacts and Policy Implications of Liberalization
    Edited by Bernard M. Hoekman and Marcelo Olarreaga, 2007
  8. Trade Preferences and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries (working paper)
    Edited by Bernard Hoekman and Çaglar Özden, 2007
  9. The World Trade Organization: Law, Economics, and Politics
    Edited by Bernard M Hoekman, Petros C Mavroidis, 2007
  10. Global Integration and Technology Transfer
    Edited by B.M. Hoekman & B. Smarzynska Javorcik, 2006
  11. Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda
    Edited by Will Martin and Kym Anderson, 2006
  12. Economic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation
    Edited by Bernard M. Hoekman and Simon J. Evenett, 2006
  13. Poverty & the WTO: Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda
    Edited by Thomas W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters, 2006
  14. Safeguards and Antidumping in Latin American Trade Liberalization: Fighting Fire with Fire
    Edited by J. Michael Finger and Julio J. Nogues, December 2005
  15. Trade, Doha, and Development: A Window into the Issues
    Edited by Richard Newfarmer, November 2005
  16. Turkey: Economic Reform and Accession to the European Union
    Edited by Bernard M. Hoekman and Subidey Togan, June 2005
  17. Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries
    Edited by M. Atamas Aksoy and John C. Beghin, January 2005
  18. Intellectual Property and Development: Lessons from Recent Economic Research
    Edited by Carsten Fink and Keith Maskus, January 2005
  19. Critical Perspectives on the World Trading System and the WTO Series
    Edited by Kym Anderson and Bernard Hoekman, 2004
  20. China and the WTO: Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction Strategies
    Edited by Deepak Bhattasali, Shantong Li, William J. Martin, July 2004
  21. Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development
    Edited by Merlinda D. Ingco and John D. Nash, March 2004
  22. Agriculture, Trade, and the WTO in South Asia
    Edited by Merlinda Ingco, October 2003
  23. Domestic Regulation and Service Trade Liberalization
    Edited by Aaditya Mattoo and Pierre Sauve, August 2003
  24. India and the WTO
    Edited by Aaditya Mattoo and Robert Stern, August 2003
  25. Moving People to Deliver Services
    Edited by Aaditya Mattoo and Antonia Carzaniga, June 2003
  26. Standards & Global Trade: A Voice for Africa
    Edited by John S. Wilson and Victor O. Abiola, June 2003
  27. Options for Global Trade Reform:  A View from the Asia-Pacific
    Edited by Will Martin and Mari Pangestu, April 2003
  28. Arab Economic Integration:  Between Hope and Reality
    Ahmed Galal and Bernard Hoekman, 2003
  29. Regional Integration and Development
    by Maurice Schiff and L. Alan Winters, February 2003
  30. Development, Trade, and the WTO: A Handbook
    Edited by Bernard M. Hoekman, Philip English and Aaditya Mattoo, June 2002
  31. Developing Countries and the WTO: A Pro-active Agenda
    Edited by Bernard Hoekman and Will Martin, 2001
  32. The New Trade Agenda of WTO, (Spanish edition)
    Edited by Marcelo Olarreaga and Ricardo Rocha, July 2000
  33. Trade Policy Developments in the Middle East and North Africa
    Edited by Hana Kheir el Din and Bernard Hoekman, Februrary 2000
  34. Catching Up with the Competition: Trade Opportunities and Challenges for Arab Countries
    Edited by Bernard Hoekman, Jamel Zarrouk, January 2000

Special Editions of Journal Articles

1. Developing Countries and the Next Round of WTO Negotiations,
 The World Economy, Edited by Bernard Hoekman, Vol. 23, No. 4, April 2000.

  • Developing Countries and the Next Round of WTO Negotiations
    Rajesh Chadha, Bernard Hoekman, Will Martin, Ademola Oyejide, Mari Pangestu, Diana Tussie, Jamel Zarrouk, pp. 431-436.
  • Two Principles for the Next Round or, How to Bring Developing Countries in from the Cold
    Joseph E. Stiglitz, pp. 437-454.
  • Liberalising Agriculture and Manufactures in a Millennium Round:Implications for Developing Countries
    Thomas W. Hertel, Will Martin, pp. 455-469.
  • Developing Countries in the New Round of GATS Negotiations: Towards a Pro-Active Role
    Aaditya Mattoo, pp. 471-489.
  • Options for Improving Africa's Participation in the WTO
    Richard Blackhurst, Bill Lyakurwa, Ademola Oyejide, pp. 491-510.
  • Implementation of Urugauy Round Commitments: The Development Challenge J. Michael Finger, Philip Schuler, pp. 511-525.
  • WTO Dispute Settlement, Transparency and Surveillance
    Bernard M. Hoekman, Petros C. Mavroidis, pp. 527-542.
  • Industrial Policy and the WTO
    Bijit Bora, Peter J. Lloyd, Mari Pengestu, pp. 543-559.
  • Subsidiarity and Governance Challenges for the WTO: Environmental and Labour Standards
    Jim Rollo, L. Alan Winters, pp. 561-576.
  • Trade Facilitation: Technical Regulations and Customs Procedures
    Patrick A. Messerlin, Jamel Zarrouk, pp. 577-593.
  • Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries Keith E. Maskus, Mohamed Lahouel, pp. 595-611.

2. The New International Trade Agenda and the WTO,
 Review of International Economics, Edited by Bernard Hoekman, Will Martin, Special Section, Vol. 9, Issue 2, May 2001.

  • Introduction Bernard Hoekman, Will Martin, pp. 189-191.
  • Agriculture and the WTO: Next Steps
    Kym Anderson, Bernard Hoekman, Anna Strutt, pp. 192-214.
  • Second-Best Linkages and the Gains from Global Reform of Manufactures Trade Thomas W. Hertel, Will Martin, pp. 215-232.
  • International Provision of Trade Services, Trade, and Fragmentation
    Alan V. Deardorff, pp. 233-248.
  • Trade in International Transport Services: The Role of Competition
    Joseph F. Francois, Ian Wooton, pp. 249-261.
  • Measurement and Modeling of the Economic Effects of Trade and Investment Barriers in Services
    Drusilla K. Brown, Robert M. Stern, pp. 262-286.
  • Commitment to Rules on Investment: The Developing Countries' Stake
    James R. Markusen, pp. 287-302.
  • Trade Policy Transparency and Investor Confidence: Some Implications for an Effective Trade Policy Review Mechanism
    Joseph F. Francois, pp. 303-316.
  • Core Labor Standards and Competitiveness: Implications for Global Trade Policy    Will Martin, Keith E. Maskus, pp. 317-328.

3. The Doha Round and Preference Erosion: A Symposium
 World Bank Economic Review, Special Section, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2006.

  • “The Doha Round and Preference Erosion: A Symposium,” by Bernard Hoekman,
  • “Doha Merchandise Trade Reform: What Is at Stake for Developing Countries?” by Kym Anderson, Will Martin, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, pp.169-195. 
  • “Preference Erosion and Multilateral Trade Liberalization,” by Joseph Francois, Bernard Hoekman, and Miriam Manchin, 197-216.
  • “Trade Preferences to Small Developing Countries and the Welfare Costs of Lost Multilateral Liberalization,” by Limão, Nuno and Marcelo Olarreaga, pp.217-240.
  • “Price Effects of Preferential Market Access: Caribbean Basin Initiative and the Apparel Sector,” by Caglar Özden, and Gunjan Sharma, pp.241-259.

4. The WTO and Multilateral Trade Cooperation
 Oxford Review Of Economic Policy, Edited by Bernard Hoekman and David Vines, Vol. 23, No. 3, Autumn 2007.

  • Multilateral trade cooperation: what next? by Bernard Hoekman and David Vines
  • An enduring need: multilateralism in the twenty-first century, by Anne Krueger
  • Why is it so difficult? Trade liberalization under the Doha Agenda, by Will Martin and Patrick Messerlin
  • The political economy of services trade liberalization: a case for international regulatory cooperation? by Bernard Hoekman, Aaditya Mattoo, and André Sapir
  • Five hypotheses concerning the fate of the Singapore issues in the Doha Round, by Simon J. Evenett
  • Trade adjustment in the WTO system: are more safeguards the answer? by Chad P. Bown and Rachel McCulloch
  • Implementation and imbalance: dealing with hangover from the Uruguay Round, by J. Michael Finger
  • Coherence and the WTO, by L. Alan Winters
  • Aid and trade, by Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann and Thierry Verdier
  • Regional free-trade areas: sorting out the tangled spaghetti, by Ross Garnaut and David Vines

5. Services

  • Tarr, David and Peter Thomson, The Merits of Dual Pricing of Russian Natural Gas," The World Economy, Vol. 27, Issue 8. August 2004, 1173-1194. 
  • James Markusen, Thomas Rutherford and David Tarr, “Trade and Direct Investment in Producer Services and the Domestic Market for Expertise,” Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol 38 (3), 2005, 758-777.
  • Jensen, Jensen, Thomas Rutherford and David Tarr, "Telecommunications Reform within Russia's Accession to the WTO,"  Eastern European Economics. Vol 44 (1), January-February, 2006, 25-58.
  • Jensen, Jensen, Thomas Rutherford and David Tarr, “The Impact of Liberalizing Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment in Services: The Case of Russian Accession to the World Trade Organization,” Review of Development  Economics, Vol 11 (3), August, 2007, 482-506.
  • Rutherford, Thomas and David Tarr, “Poverty Effects of Russia’s WTO Accession: modeling ‘real households’ with endogenous productivity effects,” Journal of International Economics, Vol 75 (1), 2008, pp 131-150.
  • Jensen, Jensen and David Tarr, “Impact of local content restrictions and barriers against foreign direct investment in services: the  case of Kazakhstan accession to the WTO,” Eastern European Economics, Vol  46 (5), September-October 2008, 5-26.
  • Rutherford, Thomas and David Tarr, “Regional Impacts of Liberalization of Barriers Against Foreign Direct Investment in Services: the case of Russia’s Accession to the WTO,” Review of International Economics, forthcoming.
  • Rutherford, Thomas and David Tarr, “Services Liberalization in the Regions of Russia under WTO Accession: Regional Household and Poverty Effects,” International Journal of Services and Economic Management, forthcoming.


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