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DECTI Trade Seminar: Trade Policy-Related Exit Strategies for the G20: Rolling back "Jumbo" protectionist measures

Sponsor: Development Economics and Chief Economist (DEC)

Speaker: Simon Evenett, University of St Gallen and CEPR

Abstract: As part of its pre-G20 summit report, the Global Trade Alert team has assembled a list of "jumbo" discriminatory state measures. Of all the protectionist measures taken during the crisis, the jumbo measures are the ones most likely to harm many trading partners and to distort commerce in many products. Details of these jumbo measures and their relationship to any trade policy-related exit strategies that the G20 members could pursue will be discussed at the seminar. The report will be published online shortly before the seminar at

‘Jumbo’ Discriminatory Measures and the Trade Coverage of Crisis-Era Protectionism by Simon J. Evenett and Johannes Fritz, University of St. Gallen


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