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Existing TRISTs

TRIST Simulation Control PanelTRISTs have been developed for Albania, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Seychelles, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Zambia. They differ in terms of data availability and level of development of the tool. TRIST can be downloaded free of charge. Not all of the TRISTs developed can be presented here as the permission from the relevant authorities is required.

TRIST can easily be customized for the needs of any given country. The only requirement is the availability of the necessary import transactions data. In particular, TRIST requires a full set of import transactions for the country of interest for the latest available year. For each of the transactions, it requires information on: the type of the product (hscode), the customs procedure code (cpc), the country of origin, the value of the import transaction, collected tariff revenue, statutory tariff revenue, VAT revenue, excise tax revenue and revenue from any other taxes collected at the border. [Data Requirement File]

Following the open-source principle, TRIST can be downloaded free of charge below.

Burundi Jordan Malawi Seychelles 
Bolivia Kenya Mozambique Tanzania  
Ethiopia  Madagascar   Nigeria Zambia  

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