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Information on TRIST and Training Material

  • Watch the TRIST Demonstration Video
    Part 1 |  Part 2  

  • New! TRIST 4.01 Multi Stage Simulation Model*
    English (zip - 1.6mb) |  Help file (zip - 2.8mb)
    French (zip - 1.6mb)  |  Help file (zip - 2.7mb)
    (*this is a beta version and is subject to further testing)

  • Template TRIST Aggregation Tool
    English:  (xls - 4.1mb)  |  Français (xls - 3.8mb)

  • Template TRIST Simulation Tool
    English (xls - 1.4mb)  |  Français (xls - 1.5mb)

  • TRIST Step by Step Guide
    English (pdf - 7.2mb)  |  Français (pdf - 3.4mb)

  • TRIST Flyer
    Short version  |  Long version

  • TRIST Data Requirements
    pdf file

  • Simplified TRIST Model
    xls file

  • TRIST Help File - To use the TRIST help file, please copy it into the same folder as the Simulation Tool and the Aggregation Tool)
    English (.chm file) | Français (.chm file) 

Last updated on Sep 13, 2013

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Key TRIST Study
Assessing the Adjustment Implications of Trade Policy Changes Using TRIST

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