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Who made TRIST?

TRIST is a product of the World Bank’s International Trade Department. It was initially developed by Mombert Hoppe and Erik von Uexkull under the leadership of Paul Brenton. The development and design of the revised version was led by Paul Brenton and coordinated by Christian Saborowski and Erik von Uexkull. Olivier Jammes contributed to the design of the revised version and was responsible for its technical implementation. Cornelia Staritz contributed to the extension of the tool to output and employment analysis. The recently launched revised version of TRIST has benefited from valuable inputs from colleagues both within and outside the World Bank, including Ian Gillson (World Bank Africa Region), Soamiely Andriamananjara (World Bank Institute), Themba Munalula (COMESA secretariat), Caesar Cheelo (University of Zambia), Peter Walkenhorst (AfDB), discussions with TRIST seminar participants in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Syria, Tanzania, Malawi, Mauritius, Nigeria and Zambia, and presentations at the COMESA secretariat (Lusaka), the EAC secretariat (Arusha), UNECA (Addis Ababa), and at the World Bank. The TRIST team acknowledges financial support for TRIST from the governments of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom through the Multidonor Trust Fund for Trade and Development.  


Last updated on Oct 8, 2009

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Assessing the Adjustment Implications of Trade Policy Changes Using TRIST

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