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Trade Data

The Trade and International Integration team of the World Bank's Development Research Group collects and disseminates data to support its own research activities and the global trade policy agenda.

Open Trade and Competitiveness Platform (2017)

Trade Policy

Trade Policy

 WTO Disputes and Trade Flows Database, 1995-2011
 Trade Policy Changes During Global Crisis, 2008
 Data on Trade and Import Barriers, 2005 - 2010
 Temporary Trade Barriers Database, 1980s - 2012
 Trade, Production and Protection Database, 1976 - 2004
 WTO Dispute Settlement Database, 1995 - 2006

 Overall Trade Restrictiveness Indices, 2008
 Banking Crisis and Exports Dataset, 1980 - 2000
 Estimates of Distortions to Agricultural Incentives
, 1955 - 2007
Social Accounting Matrices for the Regions of Russia, 2001

Trade in Services

Trade in Services

 Trade in Services Negotiations: A Guide for Developing Countries 
 Services Trade Restrictions Database
 Services in the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Services Sector Openness Indicators - Coming soon

International Migration

International Migration Global Bilateral Migration Database, 1960 - 2000
 Migration Database with Gender Breakdown, 1990 - 2000
 Migration Database with Age of Entry, 1900 - 2000
 Panel Data on International Migration, 1975 - 2000
 Medical Brain Drain, 1991 - 2004
 Extended Bilateral Migration Database - Joint OECD - World Bank

Trade, Labor and Poverty

Trade and Poverty  Estimates of Distortions to Agricultural Incentives, 1955 - 2007
  Trade, Production and Protection Database, 1976 - 2004
  Social Accounting Matrices for the Regions of Russia, 2001

Trade Costs and Facilitation

Trade Costs and Facilitation UNESCAP/World Bank International Trade Costs, 1990-2011
 Maritime Transport Costs and Port Efficiency
 Trade Facilitation Indicators: Hard & Soft Infrastructure, 2004 - 2007
 EU Standards Database,1995 - 2003
  Technical Barriers to Trade Survey, 2000 - 2001
 Assessing Potential Benefit of Trade Facilitation: A Global Perspective 

Trade, Technology and Productivity

Trade, Innovation and Firm Productivity Exporter Dynamics Database, 1997 - 2014
 EU Standards Database, 1995 - 2003
 Innovation and Development Around the World, 1960 - 2000


Other Trade-related Databases

 World Trade Indicators (WTI) 
 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 
 World Development Indicators (WDI)
 GTAP Africa Trade Database, 2004

 Global Preferential Trade Agreements Database (GPTAD) 


Tools for Analysis & Diagnostics

The Bank also provides country teams and policymakers with software and excel based tools to carry out trade analysis and diagnostics:

  World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)
 Clusters for Competitiveness: A Practical Guide for Developing Cluster Initiatives
 Tariff Reform Impact Simulation Tool (TRIST)
 International Trade Centre's Market Analysis Tools 

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