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Economic Geography [...continued]

WPS3531Geopolitical interests and preferential access to U.S. marketsLederman, Daniel; Ozden, Caglar2005/03
WPS2522Trade in international maritime services : how much does policy matter?Fink, Carsten; Mattoo, Aaditya; Neagu, Ileana Cristina2001/01
WPS2338The geography of international investmentShatz, Howard J.; Venables, Anthony J.2000/05
WPS2256Geographical disadvantage - a Heckscher-Ohlin-von Thunen model of international specializationVenables, Anthony J.; Limao, Nuno1999/12
WPS2257Infrastructure, geographical disadvantage, and transport costsLimao, Nuno; Venables, Anthony J.1999/12
WPS1742Transport costs and "natural" integration in MercosurAmjadi, Azita; Winters, L. Alan1997/03
WPS1559Have transport costs contributed to the relative decline of sub-Saharan African exports? Some preliminary empirical evidenceAmjadi, Azita; Yeats, Alexander J.1995/12

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