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Intellectual Property Rights [...continued]

WPS3270The global distribution of trademarks - some stylized factsBaroncelli, Eugenia; Kink, Carsten; Smarzynska Javorcik, Beata2004/04
WPS3205Poor people's knowledge : helping poor people to earn from their knowledgeFinger, J. Michael2004/01
WPS3150Income-related biases in international trade : what do trademark registration data tell us?Carsten Fink; Javorcik,Beata; Mariana Spatareanu2003/10
WPS2973Intellectual property rights, licensing, and innovationGuifang Yang; Maskus, Keith E.2003/02
WPS2786The composition of foreign direct investment and protection of intellectual property rights : evidence from transition economiesSmarzynska, Beata K.2002/02
WPS2352How stronger patent protection in India might affect the behavior of transnational pharaceutical industriesFink, Carsten2000/05

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