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Contingent Protection [...continued]

WPS5436Taking stock of antidumping, safeguards, and countervailing duties, 1990-2009Bown, Chad P.2010/09
WPS5352U.S. antidumping: much ado about zeroingBown, Chad P.; Prusa, Thomas J.2010/06
WPS5291China's export growth and the China safeguard : threats to the world trading system ?Bown, Chad P.; Crowley, Meredith A.2010/05
WPS5274Is protectionism on the rise ? assessing national trade policies during the crisis of 2008Kee, Hiau Looi; Neagu, Cristina; Nicita, Alessandro2010/04
WPS5281The global apparel value chain, trade and the crisis : challenges and opportunities for developing countriesGereffi, Gary; Frederick, Stacey2010/04
WPS5165Krueger/Schiff/Valdes revisited : agricultural price and trade policy reform in developing countries since 1960Anderson, Kym2010/01
WPS5051The global resort to antidumping, safeguards, and other trade remedies amidst the economic crisisBown, Chad P.2009/09
WPS4990Adjusting to trade-policy changes in export markets : evidence from U.S. antidumping duties on Vietnamese catfishBrambilla, Irene; Porto, Guido; Tarozzi, Alessandro2009/07
WPS4865Global distortions to agricultural markets : new indicators of trade and welfare impacts, 1955 to 2007Lloyd, Peter J.; Croser, Johanna L.; Anderson, Kym2009/03
WPS4848Assessing the impact of political economy factors on rules of origin under NAFTAPortugal-Perez, Alberto2009/02

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