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Competition Policy [...continued]

WPS6103The risks of innovation : are innovating firms less likely to die ?Fernandes, Ana M.; Paunov, Caroline2012/06
WPS5989Spillover effects of exchange rates : a study of the RenminbiMattoo, Aaditya; Mishra, Prachi; Subramanian, Arvind2012/03
WPS5928Reducing distortions in international commodity markets : an agenda for multilateral cooperationHoekman, Bernard; Martin, Will2012/01
WPS5894The time cost of documents to tradeAmin, Mohammad2011/12
WPS5802Equilibrium parallel import policies and international market structureRoy, Santanu; Saggi, Kamal2011/09
WPS5657Success and failure of African exportersCadot, Olivier; Iacovone, Leonardo; Pierola Castro,Martha D.; Rauch, Ferdinand2011/05
WPS5585The impact of export tax incentives on export performance : evidence from the automotive sector in South AfricaMadani , Dorsati H.; Mas-Guix, Natalia2011/03
WPS5309The effects of domestic climate change measures on international competitivenessKee, Hiau Looi; Ma, Hong; Mani, Muthukumara2010/05
WPS5233Corporate governance and public corruptionCusolito, Ana2010/03
WPS5195Export restraints on Russian natural gas and raw timber : what are the economic impacts ?Tarr, David G.2010/01

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