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Agricultural Trade [...continued]

WPS5752Learning from developing country experience : growth and economic thought before and after the 2008-09 crisisHarrison, Ann; Sepulveda, Claudia2011/08
WPS5663Cotton subsidies, the WTO, and the 'cotton problem'Baffes, John2011/05
WPS5645Export restrictions and price insulation during commodity price boomsMartin, Will; Anderson, Kym2011/05
WPS5603Would freeing up world trade reduce poverty and inequality ? the vexed role of agricultural distortionsAnderson, Kym; Cockburn, John; Martin, Will2011/03
WPS5511Trade barrier volatility and domestic price stabilization : evidence from agricultureAnderson, Kym; Nelgen, Signe2010/12
WPS5403How do governments respond to food price spikes ? lessons from the pastAnderson, Kym; Nelgen, Signe2010/08
WPS5404Novel indicators of the trade and welfare effects of agricultural distortions in OECD countriesAnderson, Kym; Croser, Johanna2010/08
WPS5344Agricultural distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa : trade and welfare indicators, 1961 to 2004Croser, Johanna; Anderson, Kym2010/06
WPS5345Changing contributions of different agricultural policy instruments to global reductions in trade and welfareCroser, Johanna; Anderson, Kym2010/06
WPS5334Potential implications of a special safeguard mechanism in the WTO : the case of wheatHertel, Thomas W.; Martin, Will; Leister, Amanda M. 2010/06

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