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Trade, Labor and Poverty [...continued]

WPS5043Technology adoption and factor proportions in open economies : theory and evidence from the global computer industryCusolito , Ana P.; Lederman, Daniel2009/09
WPS4990Adjusting to trade-policy changes in export markets : evidence from U.S. antidumping duties on Vietnamese catfishBrambilla, Irene; Porto, Guido; Tarozzi, Alessandro2009/07
WPS4642Are low food prices pro-poor ? net food buyers and sellers in low-income countriesAksoy , M. Ataman; Isik-Dikmelik, Aylin2008/06
WPS4594Implications of higher global food prices for poverty in low-income countriesIvanic, Maros; Martin, Will2008/04
WPS4598The challenge of reducing international trade and migration barriersAnderson, Kym; Winters, L. Alan2008/04
WPS4561Burley tobacco clubs in Malawi : nonmarket institutions for exportsNegri, Mariano; Porto, Guido G.2008/03
WPS4570Regional household and poverty effects of Russia's accession to the world trade organizationRutherford, Thomas; Tarr, David2008/03
WPS4489Agro-manufactured export prices, wages and unemploymentPorto, Guido2008/01
WPS4488Realizing the gains from trade : export crops, marketing costs, and povertyBalat, Jorge; Brambilla, Irene; Porto, Guido2008/01
WPS4285Poverty analysis using an international cross-country demand systemCranfield, J. A. L.; Preckel, Paul V; Hertel Thomas W.2007/07

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