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Trade, Labor and Poverty [...continued]

WPS4570Regional household and poverty effects of Russia's accession to the world trade organizationRutherford, Thomas; Tarr, David2008/03
WPS4489Agro-manufactured export prices, wages and unemploymentPorto, Guido2008/01
WPS4488Realizing the gains from trade : export crops, marketing costs, and povertyBalat, Jorge; Brambilla, Irene; Porto, Guido2008/01
WPS4285Poverty analysis using an international cross-country demand systemCranfield, J. A. L.; Preckel, Paul V; Hertel Thomas W.2007/07
WPS4203Latin Americans of Japanese origin (Nikkeijin) working in Japan : a surveyGoto, Junichi2007/04
WPS4088The impact of commodity price changes on rural households : the case of coffee in UgandaBussolo, Maurizio; Godart, Olivier; Lay, Jann; Thiele, Rainer2006/12
WPS4060Distributional effects of WTO agricultural reforms in rich and poor countriesHertel, Thomas W.; Keeney, Roman; Ivanic, Maros; Winters, L. Alan2006/11
WPS4049Trade reforms and welfare : an ex-post decomposition of income in VietnamIsik-Dikmelik, Aylin2006/11
WPS3976Implications of WTO agreements and unilateral trade policy reforms for poverty in Bangladesh : short versus long-run impactsAnnabi, Nabil; Khondker, Bazlul; Raihan, Selim; Cockburn, John; Decaluwe, Bernard2006/08
WPS3981Openness, inequality, and poverty : endowments matterGourdon, Julien; Maystre, Nicolas; de Melo, Jaime2006/08

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