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Books published in 2004

WTO series imageCritical Perspectives on the World Trading System and the WTO Series
Edited by Kym Anderson and Bernard Hoekman, 2004
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The importance of the Global Trading System and the WTO to international trade and investment continues to increase and remains at the forefront of discussion on global trade relations. This authoritative series presents by theme a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the Global Trading System and the WTO on areas such as the environment, property rights, poverty and income distribution and employment conditions. The volumes have been prepared by distinguished specialists who have selected key published papers offering a range of viewpoints, both supportive and critical, on the impact of the Global Trading System and the WTO. Each editor has also written an original introduction to the literature. This timely series will be of immense interest to all scholars of international economics and relations as well as international trade lawyers, practitioners and policymakers. More >> 

China and the WTO: Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction Strategies
Edited by Deepak Bhattasali, Shantong Li, William J. Martin, July 2004
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China’s accession to the WTO requires a great many specific policy reforms. However, if the best results are to be obtained, it is important that these reforms be implemented as part of a consistent development program, rather than simply by treating them as a recipe. To do this, policy makers must understand the range and nature of the policy changes required by accession, their implications for the economy, and the availability and effects of supporting policies.

China and the WTO analyzes the nature of the reforms involved in China’s accession to the WTO, assesses their implications for the world economy, and examines the implications for individual households, particularly the poor. Its key objective is to provide the information that will allow policy makers to implement WTO commitments and formulate supporting policies to contribute strongly to economic development and poverty reduction. Individual chapters by leading scholars analyze the nature of the reforms in key areas, such as agriculture, services, intellectual property and safeguards and anti-dumping. These chapters form the building blocks for later chapters which analyze the implications of reform for the economy. The book also includes a series of studies that assess the implications for households, taking into account the social safety net policies applying in China, and the impacts of complementary policies in areas such as labor market reform and investments in human capital.

Of interest to policymakers, academe and students studying international trade issues and to practitioners in the area of trade and development, China and the WTO is a valuable addition to the wealth of information provided by the World Bank Trade and Development Series.

Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development
Agriculture and the WTO - Creating a Trading System for Development, Merlinda D. Ingco and John D.Nash, 2004Edited by Merlinda Ingco and John D Nash, 2004
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This publication explores the key issues and options in agricultural trade liberalization from a developing country perspective. Chapters cover market access, domestic support, export competition, quota administration methods, food security, biotechnology, intellectual property rights, agricultural trade under the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (URAA), and many other subjects, always focusing on the question of how the outcome of the World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations can be made pro-development. Material is covered in summary and in comprehensive detail with supporting data tables, text boxes, figures, and a detailed table of contents. Many chapters have a substantial bibliography, listings of online resources, and tables summarizing the major points of WTO member country proposals that deal directly with each chapter topic.


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