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The research program contains several related strands of work, including analysis of the relationship between trade, trade policy reforms, and poverty reduction, using simulation techniques and statistical analysis based on household surveys and firm-level information, the determinants, magnitude and effects of international behind-the-border trade costs, the productivity effects of trade and FDI, the dimensions of services liberalization on efficiency, trade and economic growth, the economics of migration, the political economy of trade-related policies, and the ‘architecture’ of the global trading system etc. Work in this diversified area spans research agenda on the design of international cooperation on trade and investment policies, impact of bilateral, regional and global trade agreements, the effects of nonreciprocal trade preferences on developing countries, and options for using trade agreements to mobilize development assistance to enhance trade capacity and deal with adjustment costs (‘aid for trade’).

The research program also encompasses efforts to develop databases on policies affecting trade in goods and services, including global databases on anti-dumping, trade and production, technical barriers to trade, dispute settlement cases in WTO, as well as trade restrictiveness index etc. The topics below provide an overview of recent and/or ongoing research highlights on the trade research agenda.


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