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Critical Perspectives on the Global Trading System and the WTO Series

The following is a series of volumes of readings, published by Edward Elgar Publishers, beginning December 2004.

The general editors of the series are Kym Anderson and Bernard Hoekman.

  1. The WTO and Agriculture
    Kym Anderson and Tim Josling

  2. The WTO and Technical Barriers to Trade
    Spencer Hensen and John S. Wilson

  3. The WTO, Trade and the Environment
    Gary Sampson and John Whalley

  4. The WTO and Anti-Dumping
    Doug Nelson and Hylde Vandenbussche

  5. The WTO and Government Procurement
    Simon Evernett and Bernard Hoekman

  6. The WTO’s Core Rules and Disciplines
    Kym Anderson and Bernard Hoekman


Not yet published

  1. The WTO and Services
    Bernard Hoekman and Aaditya Matoo

  2. The WTO and Income Inequality/Poverty
    Alan L. Winters

  3. The WTO, Trade Preferences, and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries
    Bernard Hoekman, Calgar Ozden 

  4. The WTO and Competition Policy
    Damian J. Neven and Simon J. Evenett

  5. International Trade, Labour and the WTO
    Drusilla K. Brown & Robert M. Stern

  6. The WTO and Investment
    Magnus Blomstrom and Ari Kokki

  7. The WTO and the Political Economy of Trade Policy
    Ayre Hillman and Wilfred Ethier

  8. The WTO and Trade Facilitation
    Robert Scollay

  9. The WTO and Reciprocal Preferential Trading Agreements
    Caroline Freund

  10. The WTO and Transition Economies
    Carlos Primo Braga and Phillip Schuler


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