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Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement

Part One: Evaluation of the Doha Development Agenda

1. “Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement: Synthesis and Overview", by Thomas W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters (pdf - 134k)

2. “Scenarios for Global Trade Reform”, by Kym Anderson and Will Martin (pdf - 130k)

3. "Assessing the World Market Impacts of Multilateral Trade Reforms" by Thomas W. Hertel and Maros Ivanic (pdf - 121k)

Part Two: Price Linkages

4. "Multilateral Trade Liberalization and Mexican Households: The Effect of the Doha Development Agenda”, by Alessandro Nicita (pdf - 125k)

5.  “The Doha Trade Round and Mozambique”, by Channing Arndt (pdf - 107k)
Part Three: Household Impacts of Price Changes

6. “The WTO Doha Round, Cotton Sector Dynamics and Poverty Trends in Zambia”, Jorge Balat and Guido Porto (pdf - 115k)

7. “The Doha Round, Poverty and Regional Inequality in Brazil”, by Joaquim Bento de Souza Ferreira Filho and J. Mark Horridge (pdf - 131k)

8. “Growing Together or Growing Apart? A Village Level Study of the Impact of the Doha Round on Rural China”, by Marijke Kuiper and Frank van Tongeren (pdf - 155k)

Part Four: A Focus on Labor Markets

9. “Structural Change and Poverty Reduction in Brazil: The Impact of the Doha Round” by Maurizio Bussolo, Jann Lay and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe (pdf - 165k)

10. “Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda on China: The Role of Labor Markets and Complementary Education Reforms”, by Fan Zhai and Thomas W. Hertel (pdf - 139k)

11. “Social Impact of a WTO Agreement in Indonesia” by Anne-Sophie Robilliard and Sherman Robinson (pdf - 97k)

Part Five: Fiscal Replacement of Lost Tariff Revenue

12. “Poverty Impacts of the Doha Round in Cameroon: The Role of Tax Policy” by Christian Arnault Emini, John Cockburn and Bernard Decaluwé (pdf - 132k)

13. "Doha Scenarios, Trade Reforms, and Poverty in the Philippines: A CGE Analysis” by Caesar B Cororaton, John Cockburn, and Erwin Corong (pdf - 164k)

Part Six: Cross-Country Analysis

14. “The Effects of Prospective Multilateral Trade Reforms on Poverty in Fifteen Developing Countries”, by Maros Ivanic (pdf - 54k)

Part Seven: The Doha Development Agenda, Growth and Poverty

15. “Implications of WTO Agreements and Unilateral Trade Policy Reforms for Poverty in Bangladesh: Short vs. Long Run Impacts” by Nabil Annabi, Bazlul Khondker, Selim Raihan, John Cockburn, Bernard Decaluwé (pdf - 605k)

16. "The Impact on Russia of WTO Accession and The Doha Agenda: The Importance of Liberalization of Barriers against Foreign Direct Investmnet in Services for Growth and Poverty Reduction” by Thomas Rutherford, David Tarr and Oleksandr Shepotylo (pdf - 350k)

17. “Global Impacts of the Doha Scenario on Poverty” by Kym Anderson, Will Martin and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe (pdf - 142k)

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