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Trade Policy and WTO Accession for Russia


The overarching issue regarding Russian trade policy is accession to the World Trade Organization. WTO accession will impact a wide range of policy areas including not just explicit tariff policies on imports of goods that were the focus of GATT, but also a wide range of structural and “behind-the-border” reforms - such as liberalization of services, reform of FDI policies, protection of intellectual property rights, modernization of customs, transport and trade facilitation, enhanced domestic competition especially in utilities, improvements in the area of product standards, rules for public procurement, and judicial reform. WTO accession can be a force for galvanizing Russian support for reform or reform can be resisted and accession can be attempted with minimal domestic reform and minimal impact on economic development. On this website, a wide range of papers and data relevant to trade and foreign direct investment policy and WTO accession are presented. We hope that these papers contribute to a more effective understanding of the impacts of trade and foreign direct investment policies in Russia and of WTO accession in particular.

Russian WTO Accession - Quantitative Assessments and Policy Papers

Policy Papers on Trade Policy and WTO Accession - WBI Course Materials and Handbooks

Policy Papers on Services and Foreign Direct Investment, with links

Input-Output Tables and Social Accounting Matrices for Russia and its Regions


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