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Training - China: WTO and Development -- Policy Reform and strategy in the Post-WTO Era

China WTO Accession

After five years in the WTO, China has completed its transition period as a WTO member. Membership in the WTO exerts great impetus on the process of restructuring the economic system and affects the way the economy is managed. It also provides China the opportunity to play a large and growing role in the world economy. For the full potential of the post-accession era  to be realized, however, China needs to address a series of challenges associated with “at-the-border” and “behind-the-border” issues, such as:

  • Implementing the structural adjustments required by the WTO agreement and sustaining integration and economic growth;
  •  Addressing the risks associated with opening the financial sector (banking, securities and insurance sectors) and other services, and
  • Strengthening capacity to mitigate the potential risks to poverty and income inequality.

This series of capacity building courses, developed in a period of 7 years (1999-2006), brings together the most relevant results from the research conducted by the World Bank, as well as by our partner researchers in China, on the Pre-WTO and Post-WTO accession challenges. Through publishing this website, we hope to raise the level of awareness among policy makers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders regarding post-WTO opportunities and the challenges, deepen the understanding on the impact of China’s integration in the world; strengthen the efforts in capacity building for meeting those challenges, and provide policy advice and help explore ways to deal with potentially painful adjustments.


  • 实施结构调整以适应WTO协定、可持续性经济发展和进一步融合的要求; 
  • 应对随着开放金融业(银行、证券和保险业)以及其他服务行业可能出现的风险;
  • 加强应对可能产生的贫困和收入不均等问题的能力等。


Please select according to your need / 请根据需要选择课程:

Module 1: Agricultural Trade & Support Policies for Rural Poverty Reduction in Post WTO Era单元1:入世后的农业贸易及农村减贫支持政策
Module 2: Trade in Services in Post-WTO Era: Global Trends and China's Position单元2:入世后的服务贸易:世界服务贸易发展趋势和中国现状
Module 3: Overview of Trade, Globalization & WTO Accession单元3:贸易和入世概览篇
Module 4: Implementing WTO Commitments: The Three Pillars单元4:实施WTO承诺篇:3个支柱
Module 5: Behind-border issues (Domestic policy)单元5: 国内政策篇
Module 6: Sectoral Challenges单元6: 行业挑战篇
Module 7: Corporate Strategies单元7:企业对策篇
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