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Working Papers

The policy research working papers below are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. Each link opens a page with an abstract of the document and several download options. Choose the 'light-weight documents' option for easy download.

You can also download other related documents. This page lists content-rich current outputs not stored in institutional archives (updated document versions, miscellaneous documents, and web pages).

Quality of Medical Care in Public and Private Sectors

WPS3669Money for nothing : the dire straits of medical practice in Delhi, IndiaDas, Jishnu; Hammer, Jeffrey2005/07
WPS3301Which doctor? Combining vignettes and item response to measure doctor qualityDas, Jishnu; Hammer, Jeffrey2004/05
WPS3228Strained mercy : The quality of medical care in DelhiDas, Jishnu; Hammer, Jeffrey2004/03
WPS2971Short but not sweet - new evidence on short duration morbidities from IndiaDas, Jishnu; Sanchez-Paramo, Carolina2003/02

Mozambique - Expenditure and Service Delivery Survey (Health)

WPS3324Health care decisions as a family matter - intra-household education externalities and the utilization of health servicesLindelow, Magnus2004/06
29097Primary health care in Mozambique : service delivery in a complex hierarchyLindelow, Magnus; Ward, Patrick; Zorzi, Nathalie2004/04

Uganda - Quantitative Service Delivery Survey (Health)

WPS3058Working for God ? evaluating service delivery of religious not-for-profit health care providers in UgandaReinikka, Ritva; Svensson, Jakob2003/05
27212Health care on the frontlines : survey evidence on public and private providers in UgandaMagnus Lindelow, Ritva Reinikka, and Jakob Svensson2003/01

Zambia - Expenditure and Service Delivery Survey (Education)

WPS3602Teacher shocks and student learning : evidence from ZambiaDas, Jishnu; Dercon, Stefan; Habyarimana, James; Krishnan, Pramila2005/04
WPS3249Equity in educational expenditures : can government subsidies help?Das, Jishnu2004/03
WPS3217When can school inputs improve test scores?Das, Jishnu; Dercon, Stefan; Habyarimana, James; Krishnan, Pramila2004/02
29085Public and private funding of basic education in Zambia : implications of budgetary allocations for service deliveryDas, Jishnu; Dercon, Stefan; Habyarimana, James; Krishnan, Pramila2004/01

Uganda - Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (Education)

WPS3239The power of information : evidence from a newspaper campaign to reduce captureReinikka, Ritva; Svensson, Jakob2004/03
WPS2709Explaining leakage of public fundsReinikka, Ritva; Svensson, Jakob2001/11
WPS1926Do budgets really matter? - evidence from public spending on education and health in UgandaAblo, Emmanuel; Reinikka, Ritva1998/06

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