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Human Development and Public Services: 2002 Publications

Journal Articles
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 Journal Articles 

Hammer, Jeffrey S., and William Jack. 2002. “Designing incentives for rural health care providers in developing countries.” Journal of Development Economics 69(1, October): 297-303.

Khaleghian, Peyvand, and Varun Gauri. 2002. “Immunization in Developing Countries: Its Political and Organizational Determinants?” World Development 30 (12, December): 2109-2132.

Norbert Schady and Laura Rawlings. 2002. “Impact Evaluation of Social Funds: An Introduction.” World Bank Economic Review 16 (2, December): 213–17.

Knack, Stephen. 2002. “Social Capital and the Quality of Government: Evidence From the States.” American Journal of Political Science 46(4, October): 772-85.

Schady, Norbert. 2002. “Picking the Poor: Indicators for Geographic Targeting in Peru.” The Review of Income and Wealth 3 (September): 417-33.

Gong, Liutang, and Heng-fu Zou. 2002. “Direct preferences for wealth, the risk premium puzzle, growth, and policy effectiveness.” Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control 26: 247-70.

Gong, Liutang, and Heng-fu Zou. 2002. “Effects of Growth and Volatility in Public Expenditures on Economic Growth: Theory and Evidence.” Annals of Economics and Finance 3(November): 379-406.

Gong, Liutang, and Heng-fu Zou. 2002. “Optimal Taxation and Intergovernmental Transfer in a Dynamic Model with Multiple Levels of Government.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 26(12, October): 1975-2003.

Jin, Jing, and Heng-fu Zou. 2002. “How does fiscal decentralization affect aggregate, national, and subnational government size?” Journal of Urban Economics 52(2, September):270-93.

Mackinnon, John, and Ritva Reinikka. 2002. “How Research Can Assist Policy: The Case of Economic Reforms in Uganda.” World Bank Research Observer 17 (2, Fall): 267-92.

Reinikka, Ritva, and Jakob Svensson. 2002. “Coping with Poor Public Capital.” Journal of Development Economics 69(1, August): 51-69.

Wagstaff, Adam. 2002. Pobreza y desigualdades en el sector de la salud. Rev Panam Salud Publica 11(5-6): 316-26.

Wane, Waly. 2002. “Income Taxation and Tax Evasion in a Finite Economy.” Annals of Economics and Finance 3(2, November): 407-31.

Knack, Stephen and P. Zak. 2002.“Building Trust: Public Policy, Interpersonal Trust, and Economic Development.” Supreme Court Economic Review 10 (Fall): 21-107.


Devarajan, Shantayanan, and F. Halsey Rogers. 2002. World Bank Economists’ Forum, Volume 2. Washington, D.C. : World Bank.

Filmer Deon. 2002. “Inequalities in Education: International Experience.” Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Human Development Theme. Oxford, United Kingdom: UNESCO-EOLSS.

Rodden, Jonathan, Gunnar S. Eskeland, and Jennie Litvak. 2003. Fiscal Decentralization and the Challenge of Hard Budget Constraints. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Chapters in Books

Devarajan, Shantayanan, and Jeffrey Hammer. 2002. “Public Expenditures and Risk Reduction.” In Shantayanan Devarajan and F. Halsey Rogers, eds. World Bank Economists’ Forum, volume 2. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

Knack, Stephen. 2002. “Social Capital, Growth and Poverty: A Survey of Cross-Country Evidence.” In Christiaan Grootaert and Thierry van Bastelaer, eds., The Role of Social Capital in Development: An Empirical Analysis. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Reinikka, Ritva, and Jakob Svensson. 2002. “Measuring and Understanding Corruption at the Micro Level.” In Donatella Della Porta and Susan Rose-Ackerman, eds., Corrupt Exchanges: Empirical Themes in the Politics and the Political Economy of Corruption. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2002, pp. 134-46.

Policy Research Working Papers

Ainsworth, Martha, and Deon Filmer. 2002. “Poverty, AIDS and Children’s Schooling: A Targeting Dilemma.” Policy Research Working Paper 2885 (September).

de la Rocha, Jose Carvalheiro, Moises Goldbaum, Samuel Kilsztajn, Expedito J. A. Luna, Hillegonda Maria Dutilh Novaes, and Anaclaudia Rossbach. 2002. “Potential Demand for an HIV/AIDS Vaccine in Brazil.” Policy Research Working Paper 2940 (October).

Khemani, Stuti. 2002. “Federal Politics and Budget Deficits: Evidence from the States of India.” Policy Research Working Paper 2915 (October).

Chong, Alberto, and Florencio Lόpez-de-Silanes. 2002. “Privatization and Labor Force Restructuring around the World.” Policy Research Working Paper 2884 (September).

Keefer, Philip, and Steve Knack. 2002. “Boondoggles and Expropriation: Rent-seeking and Policy Distortion when Property Rights are Insecure.” Policy Research Working Paper 2910 (October). 

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