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Human Development and Public Services: 2004 Publications

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Journal Articles 

Alderman, Harold H. and Luc Christiaensen. 2004. "Child Malnutrition in Ethiopia: Can Maternal Knowledge Augment the Role of Income?” Economic Development and Cultural Change 52: 287-312.

Das, Jishnu and Jeffrey S. Hammer. 2004. "Strained Mercy: Quality of Medical Care in Delhi.” Economic and Political Weekly 39: 951-61.

Das Gupta, Monica, Helene Grandvoinnet, and Mattia Romani. 2004. "State-community synergies in community-driven development.” Journal Of Development Studies 40: 27-58.

Gauri, Varun and Ayesha Y. Vawda. 2004."Vouchers for Basic Education in Developing Countries: An Accountability Perspective.” World Bank Research Observer 19: 259-80.


Gauri, Varun. 2004. "Social Rights and Economics: Claims to Health Care and Education in Development Countries.” World Development 32: 465-77.

Hammer, Jeffrey and Mark Gersovitz. 2004. "The Economical Control of Infectious Diseases.” The Economic Journal 114: 1-27.

Khaleghian, Peyvand. 2004. "Decentralization and Public Services: The Case of Immunization.” Social Science & Medicine 59: 163-183.

Knack, Steve. 2004. "Does Foreign Aid Promote Democracy?” International Studies Quarterly 48: 251-66.

Knack, Steve. 2004. "Foreign Aid, Institutions and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 52 (2): 255-86.

Reinikka, Ritva S. and Jakob Svensson. 2004. "Local Capture: Evidence from a Central Government Transfer Program in Uganda.” The Quarterly Journal of Economics 119: 679-705.

Schady, Norbert. 2004. "Do Macroeconomic Crises Always Slow Human Capital Accumulation?” World Bank Economic Review 18: 131-54.

Van De Walle, Dominique. 2004. "Breaking up the Collective Farm: Welfare Outcomes of Viet Nam’s Massive Land Privatization.” Economics Of Transition 12: 201-36.

Van De Walle, Dominique. 2004. "Is the Emerging Non-Farm Market Economy the Route Out of Poverty in Vietnam?” Economics of Transition 12: 237-74.

Chapters in Books

Das Gupta, Monica, Sunhwa Lee, Patricia Uberoi, Danning Wang, Lihong Wang, and Xiaodan Zhang. 2004. “State Policies, Culture and Women’s Agency in China, the Republic of Korea and India 1950-2000: Lessons from contrasting experiences.” In Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walton, eds., Culture and Development. Stanford University Press.


Devarajan, Shantayanan and Ritva Reinikka. 2004. “Making Services Work for Poor People.” In Gudrun Kochendoerfer-Lucius and Boris Pleskovic, eds., Service Provision for the Poor: Public and Private Sector Cooperation.Washington, D.C.: World Bank.


Reinikka, Ritva S. and Jakob Svensson. 2004. “The power of Information: evidence from public expenditure tracking surveys.” In Transparency International, eds., Global Corruption Report 2004: Transparency International. London: Pluto Press.


Reinikka, Ritva S. and Jakob Svensson. 2004. “Efficiency of Public Spending: New Microeconomic Tools to Assess Service Delivery.” In Tony Addison and Alan Roe, eds., Fiscal Policy for Development: Poverty, Reconstruction and Growth. Palgrave Macmillan.


Van De Walle, Dominique. 2004. “The Static and Dynamic Incidence of Vietnam’s Public Safety Net.” In Paul Glewwe, Nisha Agrawal and David Dollar, eds., Economic Growth, Poverty and Household Welfare: Policy Lessons from Vietnam. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.


Reinikka, Ritva S. and Nathanael Smith. 2004. Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys in Education. Paris: International Institute for Education Planning.

Working Papers

Alderman, Harold. 2004. “Improving Child Nutrition for Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Africa.” Background Policy Brief prepared for conference on Assuring Food and Nutrition Security in Africa by 2020: Prioritizing Actions, Strengthening Actors, and Facilitating Partnerships, Kampala, Uganda, April 1–3, 2004.”


de Walque, Damien. 2004. “Education, Information, and Smoking Decisions: Evidence from Smoking Histories, 1940-2000.” Policy Research Working paper 3362.


Das Gupta, Monica and Manju Rani. 2004.“India's Public Health System: How Well Does it Function at the National Level?” Policy Research Working paper 3447.


de Walque, Damien. 2004.“The Long-Term Legacy of the Khmer Rouge Period in Cambodia.” Policy Research Working Paper 3446.


Paxson, Christina and Norbert Schady. 2004. “Child Health and the 1988-92 Economic Crisis in Peru.” Policy Research Working Paper 3260.


Das, Jishnu, Quy Toan Do, and Berk Ozler. 2004.“Conditional Cash Transfers and the Equity-Efficiency Debate.” Policy Research Working Paper 3280.


Halonen-Akatwijuka, Maija. 2004.“Coordination Failure in Foreign Aid.” Policy Research Working Paper 3223.


Knack, Stephen and Aminur Rahman. 2004.“Donor Fragmentation and Bureaucratic Quality in Aid Recipients.” Policy Research Working Paper 3186.


Gradstein, Mark and Denis Nitikin. 2004.“Educational Expansion: Evidence and Interpretation.” Policy Research Working Paper 3245.


Das, Jishnu. 2004.“Equity in Educational Expenditures: Can Government Subsidies Help?” Policy Research Working Paper 3249.


Lindelöw, Magnus. 2004.“Health Care Decisions as a Family Matter: Intrahousehold Education Externalities and the Utilization of Health Services.” Policy Research Working Paper 3324.


de Walque, Damien. 2004.“How does the impact of an HIV/AIDS information campaign vary with educational attainment? Evidence from rural Uganda.” Policy Research Working Paper 3289.


Filmer, Deon. 2004.“If You Build It, Will They Come? School Availability and School Enrollment in 21 Poor Countries.” Policy Research Working Paper 3340.


Khaleghian, Peyvand and Monica Das Gupta. 2004.“Public management and the essential public health functions.” Policy Research Working Paper 3220.


Lindelöw, Magnus. 2004.“Sometimes More Equal than Others: How Health Inequalities Depend on Choice of Welfare Indicator.” Policy Research Working Paper 3329.


Hammer, Jeffrey and Jishnu Das. 2004.“Strained Mercy: The Quality of Medical Care in Delhi.” Policy Research Working Paper 3228.


Reinikka, Ritva and Jakob Svensson. 2004.“The Power of Information: Evidence from A Newspaper Campaign to Reduce Capture.” Policy Research Working Paper 3239.


Wane, Waly. 2004.“The Quality of Foreign Aid: Country Selectivity or Donor Incentives?” Policy Research Working Paper 3325.


Barr, Abigail, Magnus Lindelöw, and Pieter Serneels. 2004.“To Serve the Community or Oneself: The Public Servant’s Dilemma.” Policy Research Working Paper 3187.


Das,Jishnu, Stefan Dercon, James Habyarimana, and Pramila Krishnan. 2004.“When Can School Inputs Improve Test Scores?.” Policy Research Working Paper 3217.


Das,Jishnu and Jeffrey S. Hammer. 2004.“Which Doctor? Combining Vignettes and Item Response to Measure Doctor Quality.” Policy Research Working Paper 3301.


 Other Working Papers


Das, Jishnu, Stefan Dercon, James Habyarimana, and Pramila Krishnan. 2004. “Public and Private Funding of Basic Education in Zambia: Implications of Budgetary Allocations for Service Delivery.” Africa Region Human Development Working Paper 62. World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Lindelöw, Magnus, Patrick Ward, and Nathalie Zorzi. 2004. “Primary Health Care in Mozambique: Service Delivery in a Complex Hierarchy.” Africa Region Human Development Working Paper 69. World Bank, Development Research Group, Washington, D.C.

Over, Mead, Peter Heywood, Julian Gold, Indrani Gupta, Subhash Hira, Billiot Marseille. 2004. “HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention in India: Modeling the Cost and Consequences.” Health, Nutrition, and Population Series, World Bank.

Reinikka, Ritva S., and Jakob Svensson. 2004. “Working for God?” Research Discussion Paper Series 4214. Centre for Economic Policy, United Kingdom.

Ridao-Cano, Cristobal and Deon Filmer. 2004. “Indonesia: Evaluating the Performance of SGP and SIGP: A Review of the Existing Literature and Beyond.” Human Development Sector Unit, East Asia and Pacific Region. Working Paper 2004-3. World Bank, Washington, D.C.


Zou, Heng-fu, Anwar Shah, and Theresa Thompson. 2004. “The Impact of Decentralisation on Service Delivery, Corruption, Fiscal Management and Growth in Developing and Emerging Market Economies: A Synthesis of Empirical Evidence.” CESifo Dice Report 2: 10-14.

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