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Socioeconomic Outcomes of Fertility and Reproductive Behaviors and Outcomes

Authors' Workshop for Hewlett-Funded Research Program

Development Research Group, The World Bank
April 22, 2008
Room U 3-455


9.00  Introduction (Elizabeth King)

9.10-10.40   Impact of family size on child welfare and other child outcomes
                    (all are in powerpoint presentations)

Chair: Sara Seims 
Discussant: Cristobal Ridao-Cano (papers 1 and 2), and Mamta Murthi (papers 3 and 4)

10.40-11.10    Demographic trends, economic growth, and distribution dynamics

Chair: Tamara Fox 
Discussant: Branko Milanovic

11.10-12.00        Marriage, Fertility and Poverty in the Time of HIV/AIDS

Chair:  Dominique van de Walle 
Discussant: Markus Goldstein

12.00-1.00  Lunch. Discussion of the Hewlett Program (Tamara Fox, Hewlett Foundation)

1.00-1.45      Demographic change and women’s labor force participation

Chair:   Tom Merrick
Discussant:  Pierella Paci

1.45-2.15  Panel discussion of the relevance of this research to Bank operations 
Chair: Rachel Nugent
Panel Discussants: Mayra Buvinic, Sadia Chowdhury, Khama Rogo, Tom Merrick

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