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HIV/AIDS Research [...continued]

WPS4421The determinants of HIV infection and related sexual behaviors : evidence from LesothoCorno, Lucia; de Walque, Damien2007/12
WPS4139Adult mortality and children's transition into marriageBeegle, Kathleen; Krutikova, Sofya 2007/02
WPS3956Discordant couples : HIV infection among couples in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzaniade Walque, Damien2006/06
WPS3844Who gets AIDS and how ? The determinants of HIV infection and sexual behaviors in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzaniade Walque, Damien2006/02
WPS3289How does the impact of an HIV/AIDS information campaign vary with educational attainment ? Evidence from rural UgandaDe Walque, Damien2004/04
WPS2978The epidemiological impact of an HIV vaccine on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern IndiaNagelkerke, Nico J.D.; De Vlas, Sake J.2003/02
WPS2940The potential demand for an HIV/AIDS vaccine in BrazilDutilh Novaes, Hillegonda Maria; Luna, Expedito J.A.; Goldbaum, Moises; Kilsztajn, Samuel; Rossbach, Anaclaudia; de la Roca Carvalheiro, Jose2002/12
WPS2885Poverty, AIDS, and children's schooling - a targeting dilemmaAinsworth, Martha; Filmer, Deon2002/09
WPS2811The epidemiological impact of an HIV/AIDS vaccine in developing countriesStover, John; Garnett, Geoff P.; Seitz, Steve; Forsythe, Steven2002/03
WPS2649The impact of the AIDS epidemic on the health of the elderly in TanzaniaAinsworth, Martha; Dayton, Julia2001/07

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