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Fertility, Reproductive Health, and Socioeconomic Outcomes [...continued]

WPS5853The labor supply and retirement behavior of China's older workers and elderly in comparative perspectiveGiles, John; Wang, Dewen; Cai, Wei2011/10
WPS5734Lasting welfare effects of widowhood in a poor countryvan de Walle, Dominique2011/07
WPS5719Population, poverty, and sustainable development : a review of the evidenceDas Gupta, Monica; Bongaarts, John; Cleland, John2011/06
WPS5716Trends and socioeconomic gradients in adult mortality around the developing worldde Walque, Damien; Filmer, Deon2011/06
WPS5644Income shocks and adolescent mental healthBaird, Sarah; de Hoop, Jacobus; Ozler, Berk 2011/04
WPS5522Food crisis, household welfare and HIV/AIDS treatment : evidence from Mozambiquede Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan; Over, Mead; Vaillant, Julia2011/01
WPS5510Can China's rural elderly count on support from adult children ? implications of rural-to-urban migrationGiles, John; Wang, Dewen; Zhao, Changbao2010/12
WPS5486Antiretroviral therapy awareness and risky sexual behaviors : evidence from Mozambiquede Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan; Over, Mead2010/11
WPS5471Protecting child nutritional status in the aftermath of a financial crisis : evidence from IndonesiaGiles, John; Satriawan, Elan2010/11
WPS5370Child ability and household human capital investment decisions in Burkina FasoAkresh, Richard; Bagby, Emilie; de Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan2010/07

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