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Fertility, Reproductive Health, and Socioeconomic Outcomes [...continued]

WPS6282MDGs that nudge : the Millennium Development Goals, popular mobilization, and the post-2015 development frameworkGauri, Varun2012/11
WPS6207Handwashing behavior change at scale : evidence from a randomized evaluation in VietnamChase, Claire; Do, Quy-Toan2012/09
WPS6119The health effects of universal health care : evidence from ThailandWagstaff, Adam; Manachotphong, Wanwiphang2012/07
WPS6137The impacts of public hospital autonomization : evidence from a quasi-natural experimentWagstaff, Adam; Bales, Sarah2012/07
WPS6116Universal health care and informal labor markets : the case of ThailandWagstaff, Adam; Manachotphong, Wanwiphang2012/07
WPS6149Women's access to labor market opportunities, control of household resources, and domestic violenceHeath, Rachel2012/07
WPS6076Patterns and correlates of intergenerational non-time transfers : evidence from CHARLSLei, Xiaoyan; Giles, John; Hu, Yuqing; Park, Albert; Strauss, John; Zhao, Yaohui2012/06
WPS6019When do donors trust recipient country systems ?Knack, Stephen2012/04
WPS6003Does India's employment guarantee scheme guarantee employment ?Dutta, Puja; Murgai, Rinku; Ravallion., Martin; van de Walle, Dominique2012/03
WPS5997Sexual behavior change intentions and actions in the context of a randomized trial of a conditional cash transfer for HIV prevention in TanzaniaPackel, Laura; Dow, William H.; de Walque, Damien; Isdahl, Zachary; Majura, Albert2012/03

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