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The research program focuses on evidence-based research to better understand the determinants and consequences of gender disparities in access to public services, finance, human development outcomes, and decision-making at the household level, and to examine successful approaches in reducing these disparities.

Gender disparities in basic human rights, resources, economic opportunities, and political voice are pervasive around the world.  Often, these disparities are linked to poverty. The Global Monitoring Report (2007) highlights gender equality and empowerment of women and the special problems of fragile states, where extreme poverty is increasingly concentrated.The chapter on empowering women explores the starkly different access to assets and opportunities among men and women around the world.

Articles & Briefs
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The Preference for Sons Does Not Always Decrease with Development
Research Brief 2009

new template - orange triangular bullet Strengthening Education   
Featured Article  2007  
new template - orange triangular bullet China’s “Missing Girls”: Son Preference or Hepatitis B Infections? 
Research Brief 2007
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Youth and Citizenship 
Research Brief 2007

new template - orange triangular bullet Discordant Couples and HIV/AIDS Transmission in Five African Countries   
Research Brief 2006


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Selected Publications



Effects of HIV/AIDS

  • Mortality and Economic Growth in the Age of HIV/AIDS, Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt, and Stefan Dercon.  Economic Development and Cultural Change (forthcoming). Explores impact of deaths (including whether female or male) on household income/poverty.
  • Potential Applications of Conditional Cash Transfers for Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, Carol Medlin and Damien de Walque. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4673, 2008.
  • The Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western Kenya, Harsha Thirumurthy, Joshua Graff Zivin Markus Goldstein, The Journal of Human Resources 43(3):
    511-552, 2008.
  • The Determinants of HIV Infection and Related Sexual Behaviors: Evidence from Lesotho, Lucia Corno and Damien de Walque. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4421, 2007.
  • Adult Mortality and Children’s Transition into Marriage, Kathleen Beegle and Sofya Krutikova. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4139, 2007. Looks at the impact of orphanhood on early marriage for boys/girls.
  • Inequalities in Children’s Schooling: AIDS, Orphanhood, Poverty, and Gender, Martha Ainsworth and Deon Filmer World Development 34(6): 1099-1128, 2006.
  • Aids Treatment and Intrahousehold Resource Allocations: Children's Nutrition and Schooling in Kenya, Joshua S. Graff Zivin, Harsha Thirumurthy, and Markus Goldstein, Cambridge, MA, NBER Working Paper Series No.12689, November 2006.
  • Orphanhood and the Long-Run Impact on Children, Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt, and Stefan Dercon. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88 (5): 1266-1272, 2006. Looks at the School/health impact of deaths/orphanhood on boys/girls.
  • Discordant Couples: HIV Infection among Couples in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania, Damien de Walque ." World Bank Policy Research Working Paper  3956, 2006 .
  • Who gets AIDS and How? The Determinants of HIV Infection and Sexual Behaviors in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania, Damien de Walque  World Bank Policy Research Working Paper  3844, 2006 .
  • How Does the Impact of an HIV/AIDS Information Campaign Vary with Educational Attainment ? Evidence from Rural Uganda, Damien de Walque. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper  3289, 2004.  

Gender, ethnicity, and race



 Household economy

Selected Policy Research Working Papers on Gender
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The following policy research working papers are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. Each link opens a page with an abstract of the document and several download options.

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WPS6423Building or bypassing recipient country systems : are donors defying the Paris declaration ?Knack, Stephen2013/04
WPS6343How subjective beliefs about HIV infection affect life-cycle fertility : evidence from rural MalawiShapira, Gil2013/01
WPS6149Women's access to labor market opportunities, control of household resources, and domestic violenceHeath, Rachel2012/07
WPS5934Aid tying and donor fragmentationKnack, Stephen; Smets, Lodewijk2012/01
WPS5951Human rights as demands for communicative actionGauri, Varun; Brinks, Daniel M.2012/01

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