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Gender [...continued]

WPS5710Crossing boundaries : gender, caste and schooling in rural PakistanJacoby, Hanan G.; Mansuri, Ghazala2011/06
WPS5658Is it what you inherited or what you learnt ? Intergenerational linkage and interpersonal inequality in SenegalLambert, Sylvie; Ravallion, Martin; van de Walle, Dominique2011/05
WPS5510Can China's rural elderly count on support from adult children ? implications of rural-to-urban migrationGiles, John; Wang, Dewen; Zhao, Changbao2010/12
WPS5486Antiretroviral therapy awareness and risky sexual behaviors : evidence from Mozambiquede Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan; Over, Mead2010/11
WPS5370Child ability and household human capital investment decisions in Burkina FasoAkresh, Richard; Bagby, Emilie; de Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan2010/07
WPS5351China's marriage market and upcoming challenges for elderly menDas Gupta, Monica; Ebenstein, Avraham; Sharygin, Ethan Jennings2010/06
WPS5349The publicity "defect" of customary lawGauri, Varun2010/06
WPS5302Access to water, women's work and child outcomesKoolwal, Gayatri; van de Walle, Dominique2010/05
WPS5290Aid quality and donor rankingsKnack, Stephen; Rogers, F. Halsey; Eubank, Nicholas2010/05
WPS5207A new approach to producing geographic profiles of HIV prevalence : an application to MalawiIvaschenko, Oleksiy; Lanjouw, Peter2010/02

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