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Development Economics Conference on Social Service Delivery

In anticipation of the 2003/04 World Development Report on "Making Services Work for Poor People," and the focus on the Millennium Development Goals in the DECRG-PS (Public Services Research Team) work program, a conference organized in collaboration with several universities

Agenda:    Thursday February 21, 2002      |     Friday February 22, 2002

A videotape of the conference can be viewed at the World Bank's B-SPAN website.   

Thursday, February 21
8:55-9:00Introduction: Michael Kremer
9:00-10:10  Session I

An Experiment in Incentive-Based Welfare: The Impact of PROGESA on Health in Mexico Paul Gertler and Simone Boyce 
Discussant: Anne Case

10:10-10:25  Coffee break
10:25-11:35  Session II

Social Security, Income Volatility and Health: Evidence From the Russian Pension Crisis Robert Jensen 
Discussant: Jeffrey Hammer

11:35-11:50Coffee break
11:50-1:00Session III

Explaining Leakage of Public Funds  Ritva Reinikka and Jakob Svensson
Discussant: Gerard Roland

1:00-2:30  Lunch
2:30-3:40Session IV

Do Rural Banks Matter? Evidence from the Indian Social Banking Experiment: Robin Burgess and Rohini Pande
Discussant: Atif Mian

3:40-4:00Coffee break
4:00-5:10Session V

Community vs. State Management: Forest Quality in the Indian Central Himalayas; E. Somanathan, R. Prabhakar, and Bhupendra Singh Mehta
Discussant: Shanta Devarajan

7:00-8:00Speaker: Nicholas Stern
Friday, February 22
9:00-10:10Session VI

Democratization, Decentralization and the Distribution of Local Public Goods in a Poor Rural Economy; Andrew Foster and Mark Rosenzweig
Discussant: Abhijit Baerjee

10:10-10:25Coffee break
10:25-11:35Session VII

Courts: The Lex Mundi Project; Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, and Andrei Shleifer
Discussant: Paul Collier

11:35-11:50Coffee break
11:50-1:00Session VIII

When Schools Compete, How Do They Compete? An Assessment of Chile: Chang-Tai Hsieh and Miguel Urquiola 
Discussant: Elizabeth King

2:05-3:15Session IX

Selection and Oversight in the Public Sector, With The Los Angeles Police Department as an Example; Canice Prendergast 
Discussant: Sendhil Mullainathan


End of session


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