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Education [...continued]

WPS5951Human rights as demands for communicative actionGauri, Varun; Brinks, Daniel M.2012/01
WPS5938Human rights based approaches to developmen t: concepts, evidence, and policyGauri, Varun; Gloppen, Siri2012/01
WPS5878Average and marginal returns to upper secondary schooling in IndonesiaCarneiro, Pedro; Lokshin, Michael; Ridao-Cano, Cristobal; Umapathi, Nithin2011/11
WPS5873The measurement of educational inequality : achievement and opportunityFerreira, Francisco H. G.; Gignoux, Jeremie2011/11
WPS5751A hybrid approach to efficiency measurement with empirical illustrations from education and healthWagstaff, Adam; Wang, L. Choon2011/08
WPS5785Does expanding health insurance beyond formal-sector workers encourage informality ? measuring the impact of Mexico's Seguro PopularAterido, Reyes; Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Pages, Carmen2011/08
WPS5733Civil society, public action and accountability in AfricaDevarajan, Shantayanan; Khemani, Stuti; Walton, Michael2011/07
WPS5710Crossing boundaries : gender, caste and schooling in rural PakistanJacoby, Hanan G.; Mansuri, Ghazala2011/06
WPS5674Students today, teachers tomorrow ? identifying constraints on the provision of EducationAndrabi, Tahir; Das, Jishnu; Khwaja, Asim Ijaz2011/06
WPS5720The correlation between human capital and morality and its effect on economic performance : theory and evidenceBalan, David J.; Knack, Stephen2011/06

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