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Impact Evaluation [...continued]

WPS5023How many more infants are likely to die in Africa as a result of the global financial crisis ?Friedman, Jed; Schady, Norbert2009/08
WPS4999Are there diminishing returns to transfer size in conditional cash transfers ?Filmer, Deon; Schady, Norbert2009/07
WPS5001Own and sibling effects of conditional cash transfer programs : theory and evidence from CambodiaFerreira, Francisco H. G.; Filmer, Deon; Schady, Norbert2009/07
WPS4998School enrollment, selection and test scoresFilmer, Deon; Schady, Norbert2009/07
WPS4987System-wide impacts of hospital payment reforms : evidence from central and eastern Europe and central AsiaMoreno-Serra, Rodrigo; Wagstaff, Adam2009/07
WPS4976Educational and health impacts of two school feeding schemes : evidence from a randomized trial in rural Burkina FasoKazianga, Harounan; de Walque, Damien; Alderman, Harold2009/06
WPS4907How can donors help build global public goods in health ?Das Gupta, Monica; Gostin, Lawrence2009/04
WPS4889Orphanhood and the living arrangements of children in sub-saharan AfricaBeegle, Kathleen; Filmer, Deon; Stokes, Andrew; Tiererova, Lucia2009/03
WPS4847No more cutting class ? reducing teacher absence and providing incentives for performanceRogers, F. Halsey; Vegas, Emiliana2009/02
WPS4821Social health insurance vs. tax-financed health systems - evidence from the OECDWagstaff, Adam2009/01

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