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Political Economy and Service Delivery [...continued]

WPS5531Crossing the threshold : an analysis of IBRD graduation policyHeckelman, Jac C.; Knack, Stephen; Rogers, F. Halsey2011/01
WPS5510Can China's rural elderly count on support from adult children ? implications of rural-to-urban migrationGiles, John; Wang, Dewen; Zhao, Changbao2010/12
WPS5483Did higher inequality impede growth in rural China ?Benjamin, Dwayne; Brandt, Loren; Giles, John2010/11
WPS5471Protecting child nutritional status in the aftermath of a financial crisis : evidence from IndonesiaGiles, John; Satriawan, Elan2010/11
WPS5439The impact of the global financial crisis on off-farm employment and earnings in rural ChinaHuang, Jikun; Zhi, Huayong; Huang, Zhurong; Rozelle, Scott; Giles, John2010/10
WPS5414Explaining variation in child labor statisticsDillon, Andrew; Bardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Serneels, Pieter2010/09
WPS5423Political economy of infrastructure spending in IndiaKhemani, Stuti2010/09
WPS5421The value of statistical life : a contingent investigation in ChinaWang, Hua; He, Jie2010/09
WPS5400A control function approach to estimating dynamic probit models with endogenous regressors, with an application to the study of poverty persistence in ChinaGiles, John; Murtazashvili, Irina2010/08
WPS5405Economic freedom, human rights, and the returns to human capital : an evaluation of the Schultz hypothesisKing, Elizabeth M.; Montenegro, Claudio E.; Orazem, Peter F.2010/08

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