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 Aid Effectiveness
Investigates the conditions under which aid is most likely to achieve development objectives, including the complex mix of policies, institutions, and absorptive capacity of recipients; quality of the donors' design and delivery of aid programs; fungibility of aid across sectors and across donors; and sustainability of political support for increased aid in donor countries.

Focuses on the efficient use of public resources to produce educational services and human development outcomes. These projects seek to measure the performance of education service delivery and identify its determinants. "Education Research at a Glance" provides a full list of ongoing work. 

Fertility, Reproductive Health, and Socioeconomic Outcomes
Aims to engender more evidence-based research on how reproductive choices and demographic changes affect poverty and socio-economic outcomes in developing countries.

Focuses on the role of gender equality in alleviating poverty. These projects measure gender disparities in access to public services, finance, as well as human development indicators, and decision-making at the household level. 

Health and Nutrition

Focuses on the efficient use of public resources to produce health services and human development outcomes. 

HIV/AIDS Focuses on treatment, transmission and prevention, and socioeconomic impacts of HIV/AIDS in Africa. 
Impact Evaluation
Focuses on rigorous evaluations of public policies and interventions using experimental and non-experimental evaluation strategies. Most of the evaluations are done in collaboration with Bank operations and with international and local researchers. 
Political Economy and Service Delivery Studies theory and evidence pertaining to the role of institutions, information, credibility of political promises, and social polarization in shaping political incentives to serve the poor. 

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