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Poverty and Inequality Analysis Course - Module 1

Module 1: Multi-Topic Household Surveys

March 7, 2013 (MC C2-131)
March 8, 2013 (MC3-570)
The World Bank

Objective: The Development Research Group (DECRG) offers a multi-module course on poverty and inequality. This course is provided annually to discuss useful economic principles and analytic tools for informing effective policymaking for poverty reduction.  Participants will receive a firm grounding in the basics of each topic and an introduction to the emerging issues at the frontier of research.  Module 1: “Multi-Topic Household Surveys” will provide staff with information on all relevant issues and procedures involved in the collection of high-quality household survey data. Day 1 of the course will include sessions on (a) determining the type of survey that best fits the needs of a given project; (b) key issues to consider in designing a survey; (c) creation of high-quality questionnaires; and (d) survey implementation in the field.  Day 2 will be a series of special topics on the latest innovations in survey design and implementation, including georeferencing, skills testing, and Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (separate registration required for each topic).

Course Outline:

Presentations for Day 1:

Presentations for Day 2:






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