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This research program is about inequality in its different shapes and forms: in the world, in transition economies, and in how it effects political and economic variables.

  • how within-national inequalities are affected by macro economic policies or trade
  • how and why regional inequalities within countries expand or not
  • the effect of transition from state-controlled to market economies on inequality
  • the state of global (world-wide) inequality between world citizens.
Contact: Branko Milanovic c/o
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Have and not cover

The Haves and the Have-Nots: A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality
January 2011 - This book taps into literature, history, current events,and other engaging questions (who was the richest person ever, for example) to explain the ever-widening gap between the have-nots, haves, and "have-mores."

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The policy research working papers below are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. Each link opens a page with an abstract of the document and several download options. Choose the 'light-weight documents' option for easy download.

See other related documents for a selected list of journal articles and formally published work.

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WPS6449The inequality possibility frontier : extensions and new applicationsMilanovic, Branko2013/05
WPS5888Explaining the demand for sovereigntySambanis, Nicholas; Milanovic, Branko2011/11
WPS5873The measurement of educational inequality : achievement and opportunityFerreira, Francisco H. G.; Gignoux, Jeremie2011/11
WPS5820Global inequality : from class to location, from proletarians to migrantsMilanovic, Branko2011/09
WPS5044Global inequality and the global inequality extraction ratio: the story of the past two centuriesMilanovic, Branko2009/09

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