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This research program is about inequality in its different shapes and forms: in the world, in transition economies, and in how it effects political and economic variables.

  • how within-national inequalities are affected by macro economic policies or trade
  • how and why regional inequalities within countries expand or not
  • the effect of transition from state-controlled to market economies on inequality
  • the state of global (world-wide) inequality between world citizens.
Contact: Branko Milanovic c/o
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Have and not cover

The Haves and the Have-Nots: A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality
January 2011 - This book taps into literature, history, current events,and other engaging questions (who was the richest person ever, for example) to explain the ever-widening gap between the have-nots, haves, and "have-mores."

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The Policy Research Working Papers below (1993-2013) are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. You can search the working paper collection here using the author's last name, title, or working paper number ("wpsxxxx").

You can also download other related documents. These include content-rich current outputs (updated document versions, miscellaneous documents, and web pages).

WPS6449The inequality possibility frontier : extensions and new applicationsMilanovic, Branko2013/05
WPS5888Explaining the demand for sovereigntySambanis, Nicholas; Milanovic, Branko2011/11
WPS5873The measurement of educational inequality : achievement and opportunityFerreira, Francisco H. G.; Gignoux, Jeremie2011/11
WPS5820Global inequality : from class to location, from proletarians to migrantsMilanovic, Branko2011/09
WPS5044Global inequality and the global inequality extraction ratio: the story of the past two centuriesMilanovic, Branko2009/09
WPS4780Reform and inequality during the transition : an analysis using panel household survey data, 1990-2005Milanovic, Branko; Ersado, Lire2008/11
WPS4412Measuring ancient inequalityMilanovic,Branko; Lindert, Peter H.; Williamson, Jeffrey G.2007/11
WPS3571Does tariff liberalization increase wage inequality ? - Some empirical evidenceMilanovic, Branko; Squire, Lyn2005/04
WPS2561Democracy and income inequality : an empirical analysisGradstein, Mark; Milanovic, Branko; Ying, Yvonne2001/03
WPS2292Dividing the spoils - pensions, privatization, and reform in Russia's transitionKapstein, Ethan B.; Milanovic, Branko2000/03

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