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Poverty and Inequality Analysis Course - Module 1

Module 1:  Mutli-topic Household Surveys

January 26-27, 2011
J B1-075
The World Bank

Objective:  Goal one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) - halving poverty - can only be measured and monitored using household survey data.  Several other MDG indicators as well as many of the indicators included in PRSPs can also only be calculated if timely household survey data are available.  Poverty and social impact analysis (PSIA), poverty measurement and evaluation of social policy are all areas where high-quality household-level data are needed.  The objective of this module of the Poverty and Inequality course is to provide participants with a detailed overview of the key phases and concepts of multi-topic household survey data collection.  The course will draw heavily on over twenty years of experience in the Bank with Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) surveys and Integrated Surveys (IS). The LSMS/IS approach is designed to produce rich data sets on small national samples with high standards of quality control.  On completing the course the participants should be familiar with the general issues and procedures involved in collecting household survey data, the uses of data pertinent to Bank work, and the issues related to the LSMS and other multi-topic surveys.

Course Outline 


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