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ADePT Labor


ADePT Gender




ADePT Inequality


ADePT Education


ADePT Food Security (including micronutrients analysis)


ADePT Food Security (excluding micronutrients analysis)



Automatic Poverty Profiles The creation of poverty profiles requires some computer programming proficiency and can be time consuming. In an effort to make the process easier and quicker, the World Bank has developed a package within Stata that makes it simpler to generate a number of standard tables and graphs. It took authors less than half an hour using ADePT  to generate… Haughton J. and Khandker S.R., “Handbook on Poverty and Inequality, 2009, pp.140-143

Guidance for Responses to Rising Food and Fuel Prices A toolkit for calculating indicators of coverage, generosity and incidence of programs. ADePT SP is a part of the suite of software toolkits freely available from the World Bank’s research department that produce rapid diagnostics of poverty, labor market, gender, and social protection based on STATA/SPSS routines… Guidance to responses, p 10, September 2008, pdf 

ADePT Education announced in EdStats newsletter As pointed out in the October 2008 issue, EdStats is implementing different initiatives to bridge existing gaps in the education data. As part of this effort, EdStats has been working with the Development Research Group (DECRG) to develop the new ADePT education module...Volume V, No.2, April 2009, pdf

Description of ADePT Education tables and graphs in EdStats newsletter The new ADePT Education Module pulls common educational indicators out of micro-level survey data and presents them in a print-ready form to facilitate further analysis by researchers…Volume VI, No.3, June 2009, pdf

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