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These video tutorials describe version 4.0 of ADePT. If you downloaded a more recent version there might be some slight differences in the interface. All video tutorials are available in English, and some of the video tutorials are available in alternative languages.


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About ADePT


Installing ADePT

(1:09) (1:27)(1:20) (1:11) (1:17) 

Getting Started

(1:41) (2:01) (1:52)  (1:48) (1:48) 
Output Explained (1:22) (1:51)   (1:35) 
Loading Data(2:18) (2:50)  (2:39)  
Specifying Variables(2:17) (2:46)  (2:38) 
Selecting Tables and Graphs(1:58) (2:31)  (2:15) 
Project Menu (2:12) (2:07)  (2:02)  
ADePT Health Financing(1:53)   (2:13) 


Dear ADePT supporters, we are trying to produce video tutorials for ADePT in different languages. We would greatly appreciate your help in translating one or more tutorials into French, Russian, Arabic or Spanish. If you are willing to help us, please download a zip file with the texts of the tutorials in English. Please send you translations to 


Video tutorials were created by Tatiana Sviridova; the audio tracks were narrated by Kristen Himelein (English), Esther Regina Victoria Pormes (Indonesian), Celine Ferre (French), Ericka G. Rascon Ramirez and Kiyomi E. Cadena (Spanish) and Tatiana Sviridova (Russian). 



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