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Poverty and Inequality Analysis Course - Module 4

Module 4:  Poverty Measurement and Analysis

February 22-23, 2010
The World Bank

Objective:  The aim of this module is to provide an introduction to both conceptual and practical issues associated with household-survey based empirical analysis of poverty, as well as a flavor of recent advances arising out of research in this field. Poverty comparisons – such as assessments of whether poverty has increased, or where it is greatest – are typically clouded in conceptual and methodological uncertainties.  How should individual “well-being” be assessed in deciding who is poor?  Is a household survey a reliable guide?  Where should the poverty line be drawn?  What poverty measure should be used in aggregating data on individual well-being?  The module will draw heavily on the Bank’s experience in analyzing poverty in developing countries to provide an overview of these issues and of the options available to address them. 

Course Outline


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