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Poverty and Applied Micro Seminars
2014 - 2015
2011 - 2014

Contact: Dominique van de Walle and Quy-Toan Do (Email:


Learning by Doing in Livelihoods Projects: Lessons from South Asia
June 5-6, 2013, Washington, DC
Participatory interventions in South Asia, such as the $3 billion portfolio of rural livelihoods projects, are going to be of significant importance in achieving the twin goals of eliminating extreme poverty and increasing shared prosperity by 2030. Since participatory interventions are complex, highly affected by context, and have uncertain trajectories of change, their effectiveness rests on their ability to experiment and learn from both success and failure. This workshop, which is jointly organized by the South Asia Rural Livelihoods Unit and the Development Research Group, examines various ways in which research and operations can collaborate to facilitate the ability of projects to learn by doing.
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Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Conference
May 13-14, 2013, Washington, DC
The conference on "Urbanization and Poverty", jointly organized between the World Bank and George Washington University-Institute for International Economic Policy (GWU-IIEP), will bring together academics and development practitioners over two days to discuss the challenges of urbanization in view of rural-urban structural transformation.
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