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Research often provokes comment and debate: DECRG research is no exception. Included here are examples of themes being debated within the research community both ongoing and instructive.

Response from Martin Ravallion, World Bank to "Price indexes, inequality, and the measurement of world poverty" by Angus Deaton, Princeton University (January 2010)
Deaton's paper claim that the new method of setting international poverty lines is "inappropriate." The response by Ravallion explains why it is just a valid as the old method.

How Not to Count the Poor? A Reply to Reddy and Pogge, Martin Ravallion (April 2008)
This commentary on a chapter in a forthcoming book by Sudhir Anand, Paul Segal, and Joseph Stiglitz (eds), Debates on the Measurement of Poverty, Oxford University Press  (forthcoming) takes issue with the methods employed by DECRG researchers to measure global poverty. The response by Ravallion, above, addresses these concerns.

In 2006 the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist received the results of an independent evaluation of all research activities carried out by the World Bank, both in its Development Economics Vice-Presidency and in other Bank units, between 1998 and 2005. The evaluation draws on all outputs of research projects as well as World Development Reports, Policy Research Reports and flagship reports. Overall, this represents more than 4,000 journal articles, books and databases.

Additionally, in response to concerns raised in the Evaluation Report concerning certain technical issues and methodologies, DECRG researchers have prepared a few detailed replies.

           New research in response to commentary and debates:


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