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Micro-Level Estimation of Poverty and Inequality

Title: Micro-Level Estimation of Poverty and Inequality
Chris Elbers, Jean O. Lanjouw, and Peter Lanjouw
Pub. Date: November 1, 2002
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The authors construct and derive the properties of estimators of welfare that take advantage of the detailed information about living standards available in small household surveys and the comprehensive coverage of a census or large sample. By combining the strengths of each, the estimators can be used at a remarkably disaggregated level. They have a clear interpretation, are mutually comparable, and can be assessed for reliability using standard statistical theory.

"Micro-Level Estimation of Poverty and Inequality." with Elbers, Chris, Jean O. Lanjouw and Peter Lanjouw, Econometrica 7 (1): 355-364.

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