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Poverty and Inequality Data [...continued]

WPS5080A comparative perspective on poverty reduction in Brazil, China and IndiaRavallion, Martin2009/10
WPS5069The pattern of growth and poverty reduction in ChinaMontalvo, Jose G.; Ravallion, Martin2009/10
WPS5061Global inequality recalculated : the effect of new 2005 PPP estimates on global inequalityMilanovic, Branko2009/09
WPS4924Dignity through discourse : poverty and the culture of deliberation in Indian village democraciesRao, Vijayendra; Sanyal, Paromita2009/05
WPS4928Is deliberation equitable ? evidence from transcripts of village meetings in south IndiaBan, Radu; Rao, Vijayendra2009/05
WPS4900International migration and gender differentials in the home labor market : evidence from AlbaniaMendola, Mariapia; Carletto, Gero2009/04
WPS4889Orphanhood and the living arrangements of children in sub-saharan AfricaBeegle, Kathleen; Filmer, Deon; Stokes, Andrew; Tiererova, Lucia2009/03
WPS4858Poverty decline, agricultural wages, and non-farm employment in rural India : 1983-2004Lanjouw, Peter; Murgai, Rinku2009/03
WPS4844Weakly relative povertyRavallion, Martin; Chen, Shaohua 2009/02
WPS4813Month of birth and children's health in IndiaLokshin, Michael; Radyakin, Sergiy2009/01

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