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Pro-Poor Growth [...continued]

WPS4802The political economy of village sanitation in south India : capture or poor information ?Ban, Radu; Das Gupta, Monica; Rao, Vijayendra2008/12
WPS4772How does geographic distance affect credit market access in Niger ?Pedrosa, Jose; Do, Quy-Toan2008/11
WPS4677The consequences of child labor : evidence from longitudinal data in rural TanzaniaBeegle, Kathleen; Dehejia, Rajeev H.; Gatti, Roberta; Krutikova, Sofya2008/07
WPS4528Does poverty research in Russia follow the scientific method?Lokshin, Michael2008/02
WPS4463Are there lessons for Africa from China's success against poverty ?Ravallion, Martin2008/01
WPS4431Poverty reduction without economic growth ? explaining Brazil's poverty dynamics, 1985-2004Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Leite, Phillippe G.; Ravallion, Martin2007/12
WPS4385How relevant is targeting to the success of an antipoverty program ?Ravallion, Martin2007/11
WPS4303Geographic inequity in a decentralized anti-poverty program : a case study of ChinaRavallion, Martin2007/08
WPS4228Poverty, social divisions, and conflict in NepalDo, Quy-Toan; Iyer, Lakshmi2007/05
WPS4212Local conflict and development projects in Indonesia : part of the problem or part of a solution ?Barron, Patrick; Diprose, Rachael; Woolcock, Michael2007/04

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