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Pro-Poor Growth
Aims to provide a deeper understanding of the role played by initial conditions (including previous inequalities) in achieving pro-poor economic growth, and of what drives the distributional changes we see in survey data, including churning. Further subcomponents include pro-poor growth and inequality at the country level; subnational determinants of pro-poor growth; income dynamics, risk and vulnerability; and social exclusion and poverty.

Poverty Analysis Toolkit
Includes four programs (all of which work under STATA 8/9) for poverty dynamic analysis. GIDECOMPOSITION and SEDECOMPOSITION perform growth-inequality and sectoral decompositions of poverty between two time periods, while GICURVE and POV_ROBUST produce growth incidence curve and stochastic dominance analysis graphs, respectively. Several other programs of general interest for economist are also available.

Poverty and Inequality Data
Presents data on poverty and inequality in the developing and transition economies from the Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS), and its Global Poverty and Inequality Database (GPID)

Inequality exists in many shapes and forms in the world, in transition economies and in how it effects political and economic variables. This research is dedicated to all facets of inequality. 

The Comparative Living Standards Project (CLSP)
Addresses issues related to the internal consistency of existing micro-level household datasets that combine welfare indicators with socioeconomic and policy variables, the content and documentation of welfare measures, and the accessibility of micro-data.

Small Area Estimation Poverty Maps
Presents a successfully piloted new methodology to estimate welfare indicators for small areas. Includes PovMap software website

Social Observatory
The Social Observatory is an effort to improve the adaptive capacity of anti-poverty projects and transform the quality of citizen engagement in rural India through embedded research and the democratization of data.

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