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Macroeconomics and Growth

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Growth is the essential ingredient for sustained poverty reduction. The research program focuses on identifying the contribution of policies and institutional changes to the diversity in growth and aggregate economic performance around the world. Studies are organized around three broad themes: foundations of growth, macroeconomic stability and international finance, and governance and political economy. More »


Working Papers

The Changing Patterns of Financial Integration in Latin America
Tatiana Didier, Matias Moretti, Sergio L. Schmukler
Working Paper 7190, February 2015

Party Age and Party Color: New Results on the Political Economy of Redistribution and Inequality
Philip Keefer and Branko Milanovic
Working Paper 7129, December 2014

Transitioning from Low-Income Growth to High-Income Growth: Is There a Middle Income Trap?
David Bulman, Maya Eden, Ha Nguyen
Working Paper 7104, November 2014

Testing Weak Exogeneity in Cointegrated Panels
Enrique Moral-Benito and Luis Serven
Working Paper 7045, September 2014

Infrastructure, Growth, and Inequality: An Overview
César Calderón and Luis Servén
Working Paper 7034, September 2014

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