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Macroeconomic Research Roundup - Financial Crisis



Do Crisis Catalyze Creative Destruction? Firm -Level Evidence from Indonesia
Manufacturing data from Indonesia reject the hypothesis that the East Asian crisis improved the reallocative process.
Policy Research Working Paper
 5869, Nov. 2011

  Ladies First? Firm-Level Evidence on the Labor Impacts of the East Asian Crisis
Within the same Indonesian firms, women experienced higher job losses than their male colleagues.
Policy Research Working Paper
 5789, Sep. 2011
macro Gross Capital Flows: Dynamics and Crises
A new characterization of the joint behavior of international capital flows by foreign and domestic agents over the business cycle and during financial crises.
Policy Research Working Paper
 5769, Aug. 2011
How Resilient Were Emerging Economies to the Global Crisis?
Contrary to popular perception, emerging market economies suffered growth collapses as large, or even larger, as those experienced by advanced economies during the crisis. But their response to the global shock also represented a break with the past.
Policy Research Working Paper
 5637, Apr. 2011 

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