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Seminar- 2010/2011

The Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the World Bank's Development Research group organizes weekly seminars for the presentation and discussion of new work by Bank staff and other researchers each Thursday from 12:30 to 2:00, unless otherwise noted. Visiting economists are welcome. For previous seminars please click here.

 For a paper copy not posted here, please email Swati Raychaudhuri

Recent Seminars





Sept. 9, 2010      The Environment and Directed Technical Change 

Daron Acemoglu (MIT) 

Sept. 23, 2010Unsticking the Flypaper Effect Using Precautionary Savings

Carlos Vegh(Maryland)

Oct. 7, 2010Develpment Accounting and the Rise of TFP

Rabah Arezki (IMF) and Reda Cherif (IMF)

Oct. 21, 2010Monetary Science, Fiscal Alchemy Eric M. Leeper (Indiana)MC3-570
Oct. 28, 2010The Cyclical Behavior of the Price-Cost Markup 

Christopher Nekarda (Federal Reserve Bank)


Nov. 4, 2010

The Great Diversification and its Undoing 

Vasco Carvalho (UPF)

Nov. 18, 2010Information Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of the Printing Press Jeremiah Dittmar (American University)MC8-100
Dec. 2, 2010The Evolution of Comparative Advantage: Measurement and Welfare Implications Andrei Levchenko (UMICH)MC7-100
Dec. 9, 2010Poultry in Motion: A Study of International Trade Finance PracticesPol Antras (Harvard)MC5-100
Jan. 19, 2011Exceptional Exporter Performance? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms Dan Lu
(University of Chicago)
Jan. 20, 2011Distance to the Technological Frontier and Economic Development Omer Ozak
(Brown University)
Jan. 28, 2011New Exports from Emerging Markets. Do Followers Benefit from Pioneers? Rodrigo Wagner (Harvard University)MC4-100
Feb. 1, 2011Using Durable Consumption Risk to Explain Commodities Returns Deepa Dhume
(Harvard University)
Feb. 2, 2011             Trade Liberalization with Idiosyncratic Distortions: Theory and Evidence from India Giang Ho
Feb. 3, 2011Financial Development, R&D and Growth Samuel Pienknagura
Feb. 7, 2011Entry, Exit and Misallocation Frictions Roberto Fattal (UCLA)MC4-100
Feb. 8, 2011Assignment Reversals: Trade, Skill Allocation and Wage Inequality Thomas Sampson
(Harvard University)
Feb. 9, 2011Beyond Cobb-Douglas: Estimation of a CES Production Function with Factor Augmenting Technology Devesh Raval
(University of Chicago)
MC C2-135
Feb. 10, 2011Financial Distortions and the Distribution of Global VolatilityMaya Eden (MIT)MC5-100
Feb. 14, 2011Size and Dynastic Decline: The Principal-Agent Problem in Late Imperial China 1700-1850Tuan-Hwee Sng (Northwestern University)MC4-100
Feb. 17, 2011The Effects of Sanctions on Bribery: US versus Pakistan Sheheryar Banuri (University of Texas)MC5-100
Mar. 3, 2011Beyond GDP? Welfare across Countries and Time Charles Jones
(Standford University)
Mar. 23, 2011Diversification through Trade Francesco Caselli (London School of Economics)H1-200
Mar. 31, 2011Divide and Rule or Rule of the Divided? Evidence from AfricaStelios Michaelopoulos (Tufts University)MC7-100
Apr. 21, 2011The Macroeconomics of Microfinance Francisco Buera (UCLA)MC5-100
May 5, 2011The Monopoly of Violence: Evidence from Colombia James Robinson (Harvard University)MC5-100
May 19, 2011Default and the Maturity Structure in Sovereign Bonds Cristina Arellano (Minnesota University)MC5-100
June 9, 2011More than You Can Handle Norman Loayza (World Bank)MC5-100
June 23, 2011Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence from Native American Reservations Christian Dippel (University of Toronto)MC5-100

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