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Seminars - 2009/2010

The Macroeconomics and Growth Team of the World Bank's Development Research group organizes weekly seminars for the presentation and discussion of new work by Bank staff and other researchers each Thursday from 12:30 to 2:00, unless otherwise noted. Visiting economists are welcome. For previous seminars please click here. 

For a paper copy not posted here, please email Swati Raychaudhuri 

Seminars: Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., 





Sept. 10, 2009Is Newer Better? Penn World Table Revisions and the Growth Literature

Arvind Subramanian (Peterson Institute)

Sept. 14, 2009Industrial Policy and the Role of the State in Promoting Growth: A Panel Discussion W. Easterly, A. Harrison and J. LinMC13-121
4:00 - 5:30
Sept. 17, 2009Fistful of DollarsPrachi Mishra (IMF), with Thierry Tressel and Igan DenizMC5-100
Sept. 24, 2009Technology Shocks: Novel Implications for International Business CyclesAndrea Faffo, Federal Reserve BoardMC8-100
Oct. 1, 2009
The global liquidity trapOlivier Jeanne, Johns Hopkins UniversityMC8-100
Oct. 8, 2009Suez CanalJames Feyrer, DartmouthMC7-100
Oct. 15, 2009
Future Rent Seeking and Current Public SavingPierre Yared, Columbia U.MC9-100
Oct. 22, 2009Estimating the Peace Dividend: The Impact of Violence on House Prices in Northern IrelandTim Beasley, LSEMC C1-100
9:30 - 11am
Oct. 29, 2009Privatization and nationalization cyclesConstantino Hevia, WBMC10-100
Nov. 5, 2009How big (small?) are fiscal multipliers?E. Ilzetzki (LSE)MC8-100
Nov. 19, 2009Cross-country differences in productivity: the role of allocation and selectionJ. Haltiwanger (UMD)MC9-100
Dec. 3, 2009Real exchange rate undervaluation: static losses, dynamic gains A. Korinek (UMD) and L. Serven (WB)MC7-100
Dec. 10, 2009Growth in the shadow of expropriation M. AguiarMC8-100
Jan 14, 2010The Global Liquidity Trap Olivier Jeanne, Johns Hopkins UniversityMC9-100
Jan. 21, 2010Deep Financial Integration and Volatility Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, University of HoustonMC3-570
Jan. 28, 2010Do Crises Catalyze Creative Destruction? Firm Level Evidence From IndonesiaMary Hallward-Driemeier and Bob Rijkers(World Bank- DRGMG)MC9-100
Feb. 4, 2010Estimating the Border Effect: Some New Evidence Gita Gopinath (Harvard University)MC5-100
Feb. 18, 2010

Market Size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporters 

Marc Melitz (Harvard University)MC8-100
Feb. 25, 2010

Portfolio Inertia and the Equity Premium

David Lopez-Salido (MIT)MC8-100
Mar. 4, 2010Financial Integration and Liquidity CrisisGuido Lorenzoni (MIT)MC9-100
Mar. 11, 2010The Initial Impact of the Crisis on Emerging Market Countries Olivier Blanchard (IMF)MC7-100
Mar. 18, 2010Financial Innovation, the Discovery of Risk, and the U.S. Credit Crisis  Enrique Mendoza (University of Maryland)MC3-570
Mar. 25, 2010Wealth Accumulation by Politicians in the 19th Century United States James Snyder (MIT)MC9-100
Apr. 1, 2010The Institutional Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959-61 PierreYared (Columvia University)MC5-100
Apr. 29, 2010Revisiting Overborrowing and its Policy Implications Alessandro Rebucci (Inter-American Development Bank)MC7-100
May 6, 2010International Trade and Aggregate Fluctuations in Granular Economies Julian di Giovanni (International Monetary Fund)MC7-100
May 13, 2010Labor Market Search in Emerging Economies Bora Durdu (Federal Reserve Bank)MC6-100
May 20, 2010Government Investment and Fiscal Stimulus in the Short and Long Runs Shu-Chun S. Yang (Congressional Budget Office)MC3-570
May 27, 2010Informal Sector, Government Policy and Institutions S. Boragan Aruoba
(University of Maryland)
June 3, 2010Macroeconomic Effects from Government Taxes and Purchases Robert Barro (Harvard)MC7-100
June 17, 2010The Correlation Between Human Capital & Morality & its Effect on Economic Performance David Balan (FTC) and Steve Knack (WB)MC8-100


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